HELLO AGAIN: Readers desperate for news from this village been going frantic with frustration for the past two weeks because, for one thing, the newspaper’s page-change system went on the blink and then, secondly, your Piddinghoe correspondent’s pc blew a fuse (something about installing unsatisfactory updates). So it is nice to be back in print and to maybe reassure you that you have nor missed too much.

ACCIDENTS: There was, of course, the driver of the huge farm-tractor who appeared to have lost his way en-route to Mr Carr’s vast landscape and, seeing a signpost for Piddinghoe, came bulldozing through the village with hardly an inch to spare either side, taking great lumps out of trees and bushes and forcing people to move their own vehicles off The Street (our narrow main thoroughfare). That came soon after the rowdy gang of cyclists (about 200) who came whizzing through early one Sunday morning, raising money for British Heart Foundation on a sponsored bike-ride but making a hell of a row about it and causing pedestrians to jump aside owing to lack of a bell on their machines. We have been grateful for a spell of peace and quiet lately.

GOODBYE DON: Sad to announce the passing of a village stalwart Don Burdett who has died in care at Alfriston recently after a lifetime in Piddinghoe where many of his ancestors lived and where current relatives still reside. Cricket-lover Don’s support for the church and and Friends of St John’s was outstanding. Funeral arrangements will be posted later next week for this all-round lovely chap.

QUESTIONS: There are some new local mysteries that need solving. Why the red triangle that somebody has tied to the back of the Piddinghoe signpost at the entry from the Newhaven end ? And where has the electronic clock on the swing-bridge building gone? Admittedly, the one-way system is not in the village itself but will certainly have ramifications fro all villagers who drive on it towards Seaford and Eastbourne. Answers on a postcard please .....

SEALED ON THE SIDE: Have you seen the seal that appeared on the far bank of the river which flows by Piddinghoe out to the sea or, the other way, to Lewes and beyond? There he was, seemingly totally relaxed one day last week, quite hard to distinguish as his largely brown colouring matched the muddy banks and the water. Several of them have been popping up in odd places in this sticky, warm weather although not often, like this one, of a lone-ranger. Apparently they are capable of moving (swimming) hundreds of miles at a time.

THE VILLAGER: September edition of the classy village magazine is due out later this week, produced and delivered free to every Piddinghoe household and on this occasion including an array of interesting features and news items of a local interest.

FILM NIGHT: Will be up and running again in the village hall on September 21 with a movie every month on various Fridays up to Christmas. After that the proof of audience attendance (which has dwindled this year) will be used to see if it continues into 2019. Friday September 21, Darkest Hour (2018) with Gary Oldman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Lily James. Friday October 26, Shirley Valentine (1989) with Pauline Collins, Tom Conti, Alison Steadman. Friday November 16, The Greatest Showman (2017) with Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Zac Efron. Friday December 21, Bedazzled (1972) with Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Raquel Welch. As ever there will be unreserved seats in all parts at £3 including refreshments and the chance to donate for wine.

CHURCH SERVICES: These will go on no matter how small the attendances because Rev Tim and Rev Mary are ever-optimistic. The second Sunday of the month next weekend sees the service starting at 8am and the fourth Sunday at 9.30am. Numbers are gradually going up and their is no shortage of effort by villagers who clean the church, ring the bells, tend the graveyard’s grounds etc to keep it as a going concern.

PILATES: Saturday (tomorrow) mornings with Rebecca in the village from 8.15am (three hourly sessions).

INDOOR GAMES: Collect equipment for darts, tab,le tennis etc and play free in the village hall Wednesday nights from 7.30pm.

ART AND KNITTING: With Jill’s ladies in the village hall 2pm to 4pm Thursdays.

YOGA: Tim Blair’s class starts at 6.30pm in the village hall.