FOOTLIGHTS: Moves are apparently afoot to form a Village Players troupe in Piddinghoe and we should wish all power to the elbows of those behind the scheme. The place has become, arguably, too quiet (even though quietness is obviously part of its appeal). Maybe it will never go back to the full raucous, rollicking, rocking days of the Royal Oak where lock-ins were a regular feature and custom came from far and wide but since the demise of the ROS (Royal Oak Survivors) group, not a great deal has been put forward to assist community spirit. There have been a few ‘culture’ talks put on at the village hall, the monthly Film Night (despite dwindling audiences) still goes on in autumn and winter and the venue has been well used for church-related events as well as commercial activities such as keep fit classes. The PCC are even talking about extending and upgrading the village hall. It seems that now, though, the hall’s management committee are not waiting for that scheme to become reality but planning to start a show-time group to include would-be singers, dancers and actors (a few of which have had previous experience on a quite high level when younger) and the early response seems favourable. Hopefully an opening presentation can be made around the Armistice Weekend in November. Watch this space.

BILL’S QUIZ: This annual event is set in stone for Saturday December 5 (7.30pm) although may have to be temporarily renamed Dave’s Quiz if Bill, having agreed to do all the preparation such as questions and answers and picture-board, is still stuck at work and can’t make it to the village hall in time for the start. It will be pay-on-the-night, about £4 a head, for teams of up to four players with the pop-up bar and luxury snacks in place as usual.

NO SOLUTIONS: Your correspondent having been away from the village for a few days returned to find still no answers available to his questions about the red triangle which has appeared on the telegraph pole on the triangle going out onto the C7 road to Newhaven and the disappearance of the clock that used to be on the Swing Bridge Housing just after the end of the one-way system. Some years ago many Piddinghoe residents were amazed to discover a so-called Baubles Epidemic in the village. Many houses were gifted a Christmas Tree-type bauble or two, left either on their doorsteps or in plant-pots by the so-called Phantom Bauble Planter whose true identity was never revealed. It would be nice to solve these latest mysteries, though.

NO BUILD-UP: Another week goes by with minimal (or no) progress on the two building sites that, in may people’s eyes, deface our much-loved village. Living next door to or opposite the Giant Scaffolds at Malthouse must be so wearing and depressing . 
And the mauve-coloured fences that surround what has long been referred to as The Hole (abutting Dormer House and the village hall, right in the centre of the village) remain closed. It is more than two years now since both projects started - and have both become completely bogged down. Planning permission is believed to be still a snag. Surely it is time for some action.

CHURCH SERVICES: The second Sunday (8am) and fourth Sunday (9.30am) in October at St John’s, led by Rev Tim and Rev Mary with help from new assistant Mark.

PILATES: Tomorrow (Saturday) in the village hall, with Rebecca whose three hour-long classes start at 8.15am.

INDOOR SPORTS: Available every Wednesday evening from 7.30pm in the village hall. Darts and table tennis equipment readily provided for no charge.

ART AND KNITTING: Jill’s ladies gather in the village hall on Thursday afternoons (2pm). Tea and biscuits and chat, and some pleasurable painting.

YOGA: With Tim Blair Thursday evenings from 6.30pm in village hall.