FLYING THE FLAG: Lovely to see the Les We Forget banners at each end of the village which some kind patriotic soul has put out. General approval apparently and a reminder to all that life is relatively easy for many people today, compared to times gone by. When Piddinghoe was a much bigger place plenty of young men left hereabouts for service in two World Wars and, of course, not all of them came back. We must never forget to salute symbolise their memory whether it is by flags, or the soldier-silhouettes which have been seen in abundance across the country or the giant poppies like those attached to almost anything upright in Kingston-near-Lewes, just down the road.

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY: It is a certainty that a heartfelt and memorable tribute will be paid to all who gave so much in the conflicts when Rev Mary Sitwell leads a special Remembrance Service at St John’s Church on Sunday (from 6.30pm). The piper playing Battle’s Over, the bell-ringers and the hymns and prayers and the readings by several villagers will all contribute to a a great occasion. The natural acoustics in the church make for a mouth-watering anticipation. We hope to see Rev Tim Mills there as well but we know he has been very much under the weather recently and not quite 100 percent yet. Get well soon, sir.

WAR AND PEACE: Rehearsals have been stepped up over the last few weeks for Saturday’s debut performance by the Piddinghoe Players in the village hall tonight (Friday) at 7.30pm. So much so that one of the players has found it necessary to put down her pen and withdraw (temporarily) her popular contribution to the bi-monthly parish magazine, The Villager, which is due out soon. The editors have forgiven her because they realise how much it means for the players to get their first show spot-on. Tickets have been selling for £8 which includes food and drink but, unfortunately, it is likely they have all gone as there is a 30-limit in the auditorium. Just in case there’s a cancellation it may still be worth contacting Sheila today at Old School on Church Green.

BONFIRE BLUES: Some people who live on the parts of Piddinghoe have claimed they have no need to go to Lewes to watch at least some of the excitement. Of course, they can’t see the parades and the multiple bonfires, but with a clear-ish sky on Monday it was, indeed, possible to detect a kind of pallid pink glow and a few sparkles in the night sky looking in the direction of the County Town. For sure, thousands of people enjoy the close-up action of it all and we know that this area of East Sussex is probably the centre of the Universe for pyrotechnics but there are others who wonder whether it is worth all the noise and the fuss of road-closures and (now) diverted trains. What puts them off most, though, are the almost inevitable reports, from many parts of the country, of injuries, especially to children, and the detrimental effects on pets.

MAUVEHOLE AND MALTHOUSE: Good to report more good progress on both long-standing building sites along The Street last week. With scaffolding completely removed now the latter already looks well-contained and it should hopefully be a case of refurbishment in the gardens and the old orchard. Heading south we see much activity on Mr and Mrs Spence’s dream house with tons of equipment looking ready for placement and the whole vista reminding one of a mini-version of those ancient Roman and Greek stadia you can see in hot countries when on holiday. It is certainly no longer the ruin it once was, however,and although winter is finally coming and may hold up the work from time to time there must surely be a genuine hope of completion by late next summer. We hope so.

FILM NIGHT: Next showing on our big screen on Friday November 16 is The Greatest Showman,(Colour, Cert 12) starring Hugh Jackman and Michele Williams. Its about the Birth of Show Business, with spectacular scenes based on the life of Thomas Barnum (of Barnum and Bailey fame). £3 seats in all parts with proceeds to the venue, the village hall. 7.30pm (doors open 7pm). Challenging chairs, but bring your own cushions.

PILATES: Rebecca welcomes all to her three hourly sessions from 8.15am to 11.15am in the village hall tomorrow (Saturday).

INDOOR SPORT: All kit for table tennis and darts available free in the village hall from 7.30pm. No need to book.

ART AND KNITTING: In the village hall with the ladies on Thursday afternoons. Why not join?

YOGA: Tim Blair’s class starts at 6.30pm on Thursdays in the village hall.