BREXIT: The village had been enjoying a feeling of togetherness over the centenary weekend only to be plunged, with the rest of the nation, into the Brexit doldrums again this week. We have a troupe of budding thespians, singing and reciting accompanied by guitar. All we need is a playwright and we could put on ‘Brexit the musical’ or mummers play, next year.

With Teresa May reportedly expressing concern about her insulin supplies following a No-Deal Brexit, as a type one diabetic she relies on the insulin supplied from Denmark and with police authorities reportedly concerned about social unrest, panic buying and possible rationing following our departure from the EU next spring, it seems appropriate to ask, should the village be doing something like it’s own food bank, just in case? We are a small supportive community and could help one another if this became necessary.

Canvassing opinions from villagers on this idea has been just as mixed as the numbers of confessed Remainers and Brexiteers in the village, some said they wanted EU flags on their houses and others said they would have burned them off, much the same as many other Sussex bonfire villages, no doubt. Having heard from my first call that storing flour was impossible because of weevils I was relieved when I realised I was not on HMS Surprise. The next call answered, that, far from it being a wild idea they had already started a store cupboard in readiness. Just the inflationary effect alone would be worth buttressing against in their view. They already had 3 kilos of coffee beans. Luckily I know which house this is should the need arise. Of course, I will have to think of a good swap. One view was that it was unlikely a group could do this - I remembered that several villagers volunteer in food banks locally, already. Then where would we store things? The Village hall? It does raise questions about the Parish Council and whether they might consider the idea as part of an emergency planning procedure. Perhaps some just-in-case measures, might be the lesser of two weevils.

FILM NIGHT: The next show on the big screen in the village hall is just a few days before Christmads, the 1967 Comedy Classic starring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, Bedazzled. £3 including refreshments, and possibly mulled wine. Fifteen people came along to watch The Greatest Showman last Friday and thoroughly enjoyed a fast-paced, colourful, 2017 made musical based (loosely) on the life of circus and entertainment pioneer, PT Barnum.

PILATES: As usual in the village hall with Rebecca from 8.15am tomorrow (Saturday).

INDOR GAMES: Wednesday evening with free darts and table tennis a bit of a social gathering.

ART AND KNITTING: Thursdays at 2.30pm with plenty of old village tales and news. Who,what,why, where, when with tea and biscuits.

YOGA: With Tom Blair 6.30pm in the village hall Thursday.