WINTER FLOWERS: Some winter flowering village plants like Mahonia have started flowering a month early. There is a spectacular example about nine foot tall as you drive through the village. Much of the planting is subdued at this time of year although the Holly berries are very good this year.

THE BROADWATER AREA: Is looking ravaged rather than meadow or wild flower like. It is not clear quite what the intention is with this land. It used to be a rather picturesque pond area with reeds and wildlife. The nearest thing I’ve seen to it is when they cut the massive, indefinite spread bamboo in Kew Gardens. One wonders if gorillas could be living in there. There are lots of different bamboos at Kew but this one is so tough it has to be cut with a giant rotary machine and leaves the bamboo a wreck. This week the Broadwater looks as though a water buffalo might emerge. Let’s hope the Broadwater Trust can do something. Perhaps a money raising tea party or disco.

COLD WIND: Those north easterly winds have been freezing villagers this week, and last, so we are looking forward to some respite. Keep an eye out for your neighbours.

OUTING: There may be a trip to Coultershaw Heritage Site near Petworth to look at the 21st century water turbine around the mill pond. For anyone who is interested contact Headland House.

BREXIT: Villagers seem to have given up mentioning Brexit (now the B word). Perhaps much of the rest of Sussex feels the same.

CYCLISTS: We notice that most of the cyclists coming through the village are ‘gentlemen of a certain age’. Can we politely remind cyclists that it helps if they ring their bells and take it slowly through the street as walkers often don’t hear or see them approaching.

ANNUAL QUIZ NIGHT: Christmas is round the corner but before that we have the annual quiz night in the village hall, tomorrow Saturday. On previous quiz nights professional quiz contestants (if there are such people) have been bused in from as far away as Brighton. Does this amount to cheating? The jury is still out on that so who knows what will happen this year.

CAROL SERVICE: The Christmas Carol Service is 6.30pm in St John’s on December 23.

FILM NIGHT: Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore in Bedazzled. £3 for a glass of something and a mince pie. 7.30pm start Friday, December 21.

PILATES: As usual on Saturdays from 8.15am.

INDOOR SPORTS: Wednesday evenings in the village hall from 7.30pm.

ART AND KNITTING: With tea and biscuits Thursday afternoons in the village hall.

YOGA: Thursday evenings from 6.30pm with Tom Blair.