QUIZ NIGHT: Victory by a short head went to the Triplets on a dramatic night at the village hall on Saturday after probably the keenest contest for many years of this annual event. Jim, Sue, Sophii and Louise picked up the first prize of vintage plonk by scoring 57 points out of 70 over the seven rounds of questions. That was just one point ahead of The Church Bank Robbers (Quincey, Sophie, Adam and Rowena) who fought nip-and-tuck with the winners right to the end. In all, seven teams took to the ‘field’ with names like H and H, Reigning Champs, Losers, Age Before Beauty and Woofers. It was a really good turn-out and Quizmaster Bill remarked how impressed he was by the scores considering the difficulty of the questions. Big thanks are due to Sheila, Debbie and Marilyn in the kitchen providing delicious snacks, Dave H and Angie behind the bar (dispensing lots of Harveys) and Mel for organising the whole thing. Surely a repeat tussle will take place this time next year.

BOOK CLUB: In Piddinghoe this month will focus, very appropriately, on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and The Chimes, a kind of festive double whammy to be held at Noel’s house, Old Cottage this coming Thursday December 13 at 7.30pm. New and ‘old’ members equally welcome.

PLAYERS: After the resounding success of War and Peace at the village hall on November 10, the newly-formed Piddinghoe Players have been encouraged by many villagers to come up with regular productions, such was the popularity of their maiden effort. A pantomime was one of the suggestions but maybe not enough time for rehearsal. Perhaps they could give their version of a favourite comedy sketch such as Blackadder or Fawlty Towers? There were several outstanding performances last month and it is no surprise to discover that some of the company have professional experience in the theatrical-arts. Hopefully, early in the New Year they will announce a new show. Watch this space.

THE VILLAGER: Parish magazine is due out again any day soon and from looking at first drafts appears to be the best yet since the editorial quartet took over from Dr Mike two years ago. Particularly interesting for residents (they get it free and delivered) will be the latest update on the major building site in the village, commonly referred to as The Mauve Hole. And it is a refreshingly candid appraisal from the owners Hugh and Priscilla who write of their heartaches and now relief that the project is finally taking shape. There is also news of what villagers should do if they are afraid of being ‘shot’ in the aftermath of pheasant-hunts in the fields around Piddinghoe (yes, you read that right) and advice on how to react to transgressions in what has now officially become a Police Speed Check zone.

CHURCH SERVICES: Every second Sunday with Rev Mary at St John’s, a half-hour service starting 8am and every fourth Sunday with Rev Tim, one hour from 9.30am.

FILM NIGHT: Vintage sixties comedy up next with the late Peter Cook and Dudley Moore in Bedazzled following November’s The Greatest Showman which was reasonably well attended. In the village hall Friday December 21, £3 seats in all parts (well-behaved children free).

PILATES: With Rebecca in the village hall from 8.15am tomorrow (Saturday), three hour-on sessions.

INDOOR GAMES: Each Wednesday evening from 7.30pm. Just turn up at the village hall and use equipment for darts, tables tennis and board games absolutely free.

ART AND KNITTING: Brush up with Jill and the ladies from 2.30pm Thursday afternoons in the village hall.

YOGA: With apologies to leader Tim Blair who has been called Tom in recent columns. Could have been worse (Tony). His popular class starts at 6.30pm on Thursday evenings.