LIGHTS GOING OUT: All over the village as we reach Twelfth Night tomorrow (Saturday) and most would admit it has been a pretty good show here during the festive period. Particular favourites are Dr Mike’s Silver Bambi (At least that’s what it looks like on his raised front lawn) and the red vision a few doors down the road at Roe Cottage. Many villagers have taken the trouble to light up or lives over Christmas and the New Year. There is Rev Mary’s glowing hedges on Church Green and several electrical miracles on the fringes of Brookside. The Number One, of course, is still the giant Cedarwerll tree (now lit up for a ninth consecutive year) and it is further enhanced now by Julie’s golden arch nearby. Now we descend back into the darkness for a few months but hopefully it won’t seem long until Spring comes calling. Already the nights seem a little shorter and the mornings a bit clearer.

HAPPY NEW YEAR: The last day and night of 2018 was a quieter-than-normal affair and just as well because, in the past, one or two celebrations have gone over the top and frightened a few kids and pets. Actually nobody here needs to throw away their money on fireworks because from about 9 pm on any December 31 you just have to look up in the air and watch the various displays on the horizon from Seaford! Here, this time the ‘flames’ effect in the back garden of those people in The Street who have their own visiting friends and don’t mix very much with other villagers was particularly impressive.

BUILDING BLOCKS: We are told it was very quiet on the two building sites in the village where, hopefully, finished projects will finally be seen some time this summer. Given fair wind and clean slates there is certainly every chance of an easier-to-access Piddinghoe in late 2019. After a short spell away it seems odd to come back and still see the parade of huge lorries trundling through the narrow village roads on a daily basis. It will be good to get back to the quieter times.

VISITORS: Many people still wander into the village by accident and emerge saying what a hidden gem it is but there are others who are less welcome. The chap who stopped his big German motor car at the mouth of the road to the Village Hall and lobbed a bottle top out of the window onto the tarmac before moving on was one of those.

FILM NIGHT: Only 11 people turned up on December 21 (the shortest day or, more correctly, winter solstice) to see Bedazzled on the big screen in the village hall. It would have been 13 but for an unfortunate car breakdown en route from High and Over. But it seems there is not much call for these old-time comedy classics. However, the projectionist is dreaming up an attractive programme for the New Year with the help of Jill (details soon in this space).

CHURCH SERVICES: After the magical events in St John’s over Christmas the return to normal twice-a-month services should really and truly attract more of a flock. On Sunday week there will be half-hour service from 8am and two weeks later the hour-long full service including The Eucharist.