YOU DIRTY RAT-RUNNERS: Through traffic in the village at peak commuter times is becoming an issue again. So much so that, following the most recent meeting of Piddinghoe Parish Council, a special research group has been formed to assess what to do about it. They could have become known as the Four Just Men (except that there are two ladies on the four-person panel) and, indeed, there are some surprising bedfellows on it. However, this could be a positive because they are sure to lustily debate such key elements as whether mobile speed-guns would deter the rat-runners who swerve off the C7 in a bid to race through the village (shattering the 20mph limit) and jump the queue at the other end. Very dangerous. It is understood, however, that such a measure was effective a few years ago when several motorists were believed to have been presented with speeding fines by a single policeman stationed at a strategic point in the village with his ‘camera’.

PELLETS FROM HEAVEN: There is alarm in Piddinghoe after some residents reported gun-shot pellets falling on them from a above during outside activities such as walking their dogs or taking their wheelbarrows to the Hoe. It appears to come from the regular pheasant shoots which it is believed a local farmer organises on nearby downs. Th advice from the parish council is to inform the police who may take appropriate action, even the bobbies who are, apparently, among the farmer’s most regular marksmen.

CHURCH SERVICES: Revd Mary Sitwell’s half-hour service at St John’s is this Sunday starting at 8am. Revd Tim Miles is due to lead the monthly hour-long service including Eucharist in two weeks (January 27).

FILM NIGHT: The projectionist, after a series of low turn-outs before Christmas, is appealing to residents to come up with a popular choice of movie (new or retro) for presentation later this month on a Friday evening. You can email your favourite choice to But a nil-response will probably mean no film in January when nights are cold and people like to be by their firesides. However, Bohemian Rhapsody is already planned for March, thanks to Jill.

THE VILLAGER: The Piddinghoe magazine is due out again in early February and so it is a quick turn-around for the editorial quartet who are still receiving congratulations for a packed and lively edition in December. Deadline for sending contributions for the next one is January 18 (next Friday) and how best to do it is detailed in the current issue.

PILATES: With Rebecca in the village hall tomorrow (Saturday) morning starting at 8.15am (three hour-long sessions).

ART AND KNITTING: Thursday afternoons in the village hall with Jill’s ladies from 2.30pm. Cake is often available.

YOGA: Tim Blair’s Thursday evening village hall class is back in action from 6.30pm.