Piddinghoe news
Piddinghoe news

BIRDS AND BEASTS: Well, that’s January gone at last and so let’s look ahead to spring after one of the most miserable months (weather-wise) that many people can remember. The signs for improvement are certainly there, though. Green shoots in the gardens and on the church slope, sheep back out in the fields (if only briefly last week) and pheasants abundant in gardens and on the stone-walls. How come they sit there for so long? It must be because they know that if they fly off they might well be shot and if they drop down onto the road they will almost certainly get run over. Such beautiful creatures with their bottle-green plumage, white necks and scarlet heads. What a shame that they are said to be virtually brainless and so often come to a sticky end.

THE VILLAGER: Our vibrant village magazine will soon be out again (if not already by the time you read this) with some excellent articles this time on a plethora of topics, largely concerning Piddinghoe and its people. It is delivered free to every household in the village, sponsored by the Parrish Council but not certainly not governed by it editorially. This month’s Piddinghoe Person in focus in The Villager pages was once all about fruit and veg. Now he likes films, football and rock music. Can you guess who it is?

FILM NIGHT: What a disappointing turn-out for a lovely film (The Bucket List) chosen and kindly provided (on DVD) by Jill Hentschal. Just eight people in the audience but all said they enjoyed it along with the opportunity to have some nibbles, unlimited coffee and a glass of wine. Now we wonder what will be the response to the next showing (on Friday February 22), the 1961 black-and-white classic by Italian producer Federico Fellini, La Dolce Vita. Regular Film Night visitors to the village hall are now choosing the movies being shown and this next one is courtesy of Bert Cutts. It is only fair to warn that it lasts nearly three hours, has English sub titles and was rated highly controversial of its time. The projectionist has decided there will be an early start at 7pm and a short interval at 8.45pm so that those unable to last the pace will be able to leave with their dignity intact. The entry fee will be a one-off ‘pay what you can (to a maximum of £3)’ to include the usual refreshments. Feel free to bring a cushion.

BOOK CLUB: The next subject is The Road by author Cormac McCarthy under discussion at Halyards where Vanessa will be the host on Thursday March 14. Newcomers are very welcome to join the group and you can get full details of the club from Christine on

DOG’S LIFE: Does your pet need an extra walk? Contact young Kelsey on 07950264021. He is very capable of giving your four-legged friend a decent run-out for a small fee.

STRING ALONG: Rod at Riverside Cottage is offering Flamenco Guitar lessons. Just knock on his door at the Lewes-end of the village to make arrangements.

CHURCH SERVICES: This Sunday at 8am, a short half-hour service led by Rev Mary Sitwell with readings and prayers in the Ladies Chapel of St John’s. A longer (one hour) service including The Eucharist takes place every fourth Sunday in the month, usually with Rev Tim Mills.

WINTER WARMER: The annual soup and pop-up bar event is scheduled this year for Saturday February 16. All welcome at the village hall.

PILATES: Tomorrow (Saturday) morning in the village hall with Rebecca from 8.15am to 11.15am.

INDOOR GAMES: Equipment for table tennis, darts and board games freely available from the village hall from 7.30pm on Wednesdays.

ART AND KNITTING: Back after a day off last week from 2pm to 4pm on Thursdays with Jill’s ladies in the village hall.

PIDDINGHOE PLAYERS: In rehearsal from 4pm Thursdays in the village hall. Next production, March 30.

YOGA: Tim Blair’s class from 6pm to 7.30pm in the village hall. Drop-in session £8. Book six classes for £42.