Piddinghoe news
Piddinghoe news

DING-DONG: The battle is on to restore our ancient bells at lovely St John’s Church. They have been silenced for a while, waiting for the man to come from Bridport and bring the vital refurbishing equipment but now he’s been and the hard work progresses. Nuts and bolts and ladders. Since Mary and Isla arrived in the village the church has taken on a new life and although much of it is due to her heavenly powers nobody should underestimate his physical efforts. Lately, James from Harping Hill and David from next door to the Sitwells have added their muscle and might to the work, with James also taking some pictures as, of course, he would. If anybody else would like to help in this sterling project please refer to Chambles on the Church Green, where you will be given a warm welcome to join the job of getting those golden bells ringing out again.

CHURCH SERVICES: Rev Mary Sitwell, having led last Sunday’s short service in the Ladies Chapel, will be there again at St John’s on Sunday week (February 24), standing in for Rev Tim Mills, for the one-hour 9.30am service including The Eucharist, hymns and readings. Residents and friends all welcome.

POWER CUTS: Can anybody shed some light (sorry) on why we had two power cuts in one afternoon last week, both lasting less than five seconds? It is still enough to put all your electric clocks on the blink and needing a reset, including the one that commands the heating boiler, but we never get an explanation. Supremely annoying. Some of us suspect fiddling about in the sub-station. Perhaps there is a number you can ring to find out.

WELCOME: We have a new (youngish) couple moved in to one of our cottages on The Street and it is lovely to have them but did they know they might have lost out to none other than Norman Baker? Our former MP for Lewes who was spotted house-hunting in the village and liked the look of the one mentioned but has now, apparently, chosen somewhere else. Meanwhile we should (at the time of writing) also have a new Piddinghoe baby, with builder Jim’s wife due to produce. Watch this space and the next edition of The Villager for more details.

WINTER WARMER: All up to the village hall tomorrow (Saturday) at 12.30pm for the annual Big Soup and pop-up bar event. It is always a great occasion, chance for a relaxed chat with the neighbours, especially if the weather is a bit raw. Wine and beer is being brought in to add to the bonhomie but the soup (with bread) is traditionally delicious beyond words. Don’t be late it all shuts down about 2.30pm.

BOOK CLUB: The Road by Cormac McCarthy under discussion at Halyards, The Street on Thursday Match 14 (7.30pm). All welcome. Contact email

MORE THAN JUST COPPERS: Did you know your Council Tax commitment for police services in the village and all around East Sussex is going up by £2 a month this year? Not a surprise, of course, but this time we are told the extra money could bring us extra bobbies because apparently no less than £970 million has been awarded to Chief Constables to apportion country-wide. In other news, pigs have been reported flying over The Downs.

FREE PARKING: Many Piddinghoe people must use the car park on waste ground near dilapidated but still quaint Newhaven High Street’s shopping centre but did you know it is now completely free to do so? Well, that seems to be the case at any rate. For about a month now there has been a sticker on the pay-and-display machine which invites customers to ‘press the green button for a one-hour free parking sticker.’ And, yes, it has been working, but now it doesn’t. However, somebody has blocked up the slot where you used to put your coins in. So there is no way you can pay even if you wanted to do so. Many are taking a chance and leaving their cars ticketless but a nice blue Ford saloon was seen there the other day which had the dreaded plastic bag and penalty notice on its windscreen. How can they justify this? There’s sure to be a sequel. Isn’t there?

PILATES: Tomorrow, Saturday, with Rebecca from 8.15am to 11.15am.

WINTER WARMER: Tomorrow, Saturday, from 12.30pm to 2.30pm. All villager and friends welcome.

INDOOR GAMES: On Wednesday. Equipment freely available for darts and table tennis from 7.30pm.

PIDDINGHOE PLAYERS: Rehearsals at 4pm on Thursday and Sunday. Next production Saturday March 30.

ART AND KNITTING: Thursday, from 2pm with Jill’s ladies. Bring brushes and needles.

YOGA: Tim Blair’s class from 6pm to 7.30pm. Drop-in session £8. Book six classes £42.

FILM NIGHT: Next presentation on February 22 is La Dolce Vita, Cert 18, black-and-white, 1961. Italian (English subtitles) 7pm. £3 including refreshments.