Piddinghoe news
Piddinghoe news

ITS FRENCH FOR FORMIDABLE: Piddinghoe Players triumphed with a tour de force at the village hall last Saturday night and it was hard to believe this was only their second production. After November’s War and Peace debut, heavily focussed on Remembrance, this was a highly-contrasting satirical French comedy in which the local thespians pulled out all the stops again and were richly and rightly praised. Le Hoe de Pidd was brilliantly put together, superbly delivered and it produced a bundle of laughs. for all the right reasons. There were stand-out performers too many to mention, although Rowena, Sheila and Isla actually must be. The script was so clever and sharp and the best news is that there will be a third show later in the year. This is much more than am-dram. It is quality work and it is bringing villagers together in a splendid way.

OUR GIRL IN NEPAL: Piddinghoe teenager Jenny Cornish is just over half way through her sojourn in darkest Asia where she travelled in February to join up with a charity group battling to improve life for downtrodden people in the world’s ninth poorest country, Nepal. It has been hard going and no sooner had Jenny arrived than she contracted a bug which turned into a form of tonsilitis and laid her low for a while. However, she fought her way through it and has been able to do some marvellous work staying with terribly deprived local families in the overall scheme of bringing education and relief and easing poverty. With her return scheduled around early May, she has now been able to take a break in a more comfortable retreat where there is running water, ‘proper’ food and even wifi so that she is able to make contact with mum Claire and dad John and the rest of the family. She is ready to give great thanks to all the villagers who generously rewarded her fund-raising efforts for the trip.

GETS UP YOUR NOSE: The village has been plagued for the last couple of weeks with a pungent pong from the surrounding fields which many took to be the result of necessary muck-spreading by local farmers but could also have been irresponsible behaviour. It may be useful to note that the Lewes-Eastbourne council have set up a special department for dealing with complaints about this, although it has to acknowledge that natural smells cannot always constitute grounds for a complaint. Details are posted on the Piddinghoe notice boards.

CHURCH SERVICES: Every fourth Sunday of the month Rev Tim Mills is supposed to lead a one-hour service including The Eucharist at St John’s Church (9.30am) but the poor man has been ill recently and has required surgery. We hear he is making a good recovery finally and is really grateful to Rev Mary Sitwell (and others) who has been standing in as well as leading the shorter half-hour service every second Sunday in the month (8am).

ONE DOOR OPENS: It has been a historic week at St John’s Church where Isla and Chris have been largely responsible for finally making a breakthrough that has taken at least 70 years, in anybody’s living memory, to happen. The Chancel door has been prised open by sheer will and persistence. To many it just did not look likely and the need for chemical intervention seemed certain but last Tuesday it suddenly gave way under the pressure of the two chaps and now, with Dave H doing a great job of restoring and repairing the path that leads from the second gate, more improvements can now take place in this wonderful 11th Century edifice.

BOOK CLUB: The Sympathiser by Niet Thangk Ngyek is the tome under review by members of Piddinghoe Book Club who next meet at Halyards, The Street On Thursday May 16 (7.30pm). Newcomers are most welcome. Contact Christine on 07944577774 or email

PILATES: Rebecca’s class is on Saturday mornings from 8.15am to 11.15am in the village hall.

INDOOR GAMES: Available every Wednesday evening from 7.30pm in the village hall. Free access to equipment for darts, table tennis and board games.
ART AND KNITTING: Every Thursday afternoon in the village hall with Jill and her ladies from 2pm to 4pm.
YOGA: Tim Blair’s class runs from 6.30pm on Thursdays at the village hall.