Reports confirm climate change

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In response to Mr Beck’s letter of Jan 30th, in which he asks for the environmental guidance he sorely needs, I would like to suggest that he actually reads the many reports by climate scientists about global warming. There are many of them, easily available.

Please, Mr Beck, just do a Google search and you will find ample confirmation that human-induced global warming is real, accelerating, and is on a course for a truly catastrophic 4 to 6 degrees C increase by 2100.

Already we have dramatic loss of sea and land ice around the world, increasing frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, and increased natural disasters such as floods, wildfires, droughts, etc., as all the major insurance companies would confirm.

Global warming is here and now and inflicting ever more severe economic and social costs on us all, including here in the UK, as our many floods of recent years demonstrate.

Mr Beck’s letter demonstrates a truly stunning ignorance of scientific and empirical evidence and a gross distortion of what reputable authorities, such as the Met Office, actually say.

Mr Beck, the Met Office did not say there will be no warming at all up to 2017, only that the rate of increase in warming will not be quite so fast as it predicted under its previous modelling). If you wish to deny the reality of global warming and the urgency of the need to mitigate it, you are of course free to do so, but parading your climate denial in the pages of this newspaper just helps to undermine the efforts of countless other people to try and do something constructive to deal with the greatest environmental threat of our times. But perhaps you seek the oxygen of publicity by parading your notorious and provocative climate denial nonsense so often and so mischievously in these pages, regardless of the ethical consequences of doing so?

Andrew Durling