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Rodmell & Southease news

FUNERAL: Not really a lot to report on this week. One thing I meant to mention in last week’s PP was that on Thursday September 14, I attended the funeral of Herbert Arthur Simpson, ‘Bert’ as he was known to many. Bert and his late wife Marjorie were regular attenders at Rodmell Church, despite not living in Rodmell. We were all very fond of them and admired the fact that they were a devoted couple who had been married for many, many years. In fact they celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary aboard the Blue Sapphire in 2009, and I suspect not many people in these days will have marriages that last that long. Bert was known for his love of aircraft and flew Dakotas during the War in Canada, where he met Marjorie, the love of his life. The church was packed with friends and relations, and the service was lovely. As I’ve said before, I go to far too many funerals these days, it’s been four in the last month.

WALKERS: The lovely weather is really bringing the walkers out. September has been busier than June, and October is going that way for B&Bs too. Many say they like to avoid the school holidays, and pubs where parents are inside and children are running around outside, screaming. The sound of children’s laughter and chatter is lovely but so many tend to scream and shout, and the parents inside are probably unaware how their children are annoying others. I would never have been allowed to scream in public places come to that, not at home either. It’s a whole new world out there these days.

AUTUMN: The autumn colours are really showing now and there are many berries on various shrubs and bushes. Mushrooms are also around at the moment, but beware as many fungi which are poisonous are also around.

FRUIT: I’m pleased to say many of our pears and apples have gone to food banks, restaurants and care homes etc, so were not wasted. I’m also pleased that some of my pond plants which I put out on the verge in a bowl have also found homes. This was a pleasant surprise to me.