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Rodmell & Southease news

APOLOGIES: It was with dismay that I read in my last week’s column, when I wrote about Bert’s funeral, that somehow it had in print, stated that Marjorie was his late wife. I did not write this, as I was at the funeral, and Marjorie was very much alive and there with the family. Apologies to the family about this. I actually feel, that in different circumstances, Bert and Marjorie would have had a giggle at this.

VISITOR: A friend of ours from Essex came to stay for a couple of days and certainly livened things up a bit. He is a happy chappie and a natural comedian, and a lot of laughter was heard, especially when I was at the counter in Lloyds at Lewes, getting served when he asked me to look around and he was dancing in front of the security camera. The girls behind the counter were creased up with laughter. This was not the only situation of fun he got into over the two days. He is 71 and doesn’t get better with age.

TALK: My friend Ian Everest is giving yet another of his interesting talks on November 11 at 7pm for 7.30pm in Rodmell Village Hall. This one is on Farming and Local Nostalgia. The first section will be Sussex Oxen to Fordson Major, then a break for refreshments, followed by Down Your Way and Local Rural Life. These talks are very popular and tickets go fast. They are available from Sue and Martin Brickell on 01273 858678.

C7: We’ve had some lining work done on the C7 recently, but so many of the speed limit numbers have almost disappeared from our roads, and signs are so dirty and covered by greenery and overgrown trees, that it’s becoming difficult for people driving, especially visitors to this area. Many of my visitors have mentioned this to me, so I thought I’d write about it.

LEWES: Has become so busy of late, and the new restaurants beneath the Premier Inn are always so full when I walk by. It’s nice to see our town so well attended even at weekends. It’s a real bustling community.

BUSY DAY: Wednesday September 27 was a real busy day for me, as it was the Macmillan Coffee Morning in our pub, which was very well attended. I then went into Lewes to have lunch at the Harveys pub and meet John, our visitor, who had walked along the river path from Rodmell to Lewes. I then took him to Sheffield Park, which was as usual lovely, but needs a few more weeks to see the autumn colours. We then went to the Bluebell Railway, that was fairly busy. We did not get time to go to Monks House, which held a free open evening for the village, which I hear was a great success. We did however get to the pub for one of their excellent meals, later in the evening. So many things in one day, but life seems to happen like that at times.

FRIENDS: Many of the people that stay here keep up a friendship with me, and send me postcards from their travels. It’s so nice to get this communication, and it will be a shame if postcards go out of fashion due yet again to technology.

DRIVING: Whilst driving along Pinwell Lane in Lewes recently, to the car park, a young girl was walking ahead of us, with her headphones on and on her phone, oblivious to the fact that there was a car behind her. I had to toot and she gave me a cheery wave and moved over. At least I didn’t get an expletive shouted at me, which has happened in the past.