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CELEBRATION: I understand the Abergavenny, our local pub, had a very good celebration on the evening of September 29, to celebrate five years of Jon and Lucie running our excellent pub. The village was invited to celebrate with them, but I did not go, as it was a little late starting for me. I had two visitors from the USA, who had been over there for a meal earlier that evening, and said there was an air of excitement. Fortunately, they were young and did not mind loud music, so slept through it. I got up around 1.30am to the call of nature, and it was still going on. It does not happen often, that we have to put up with noise and people need to celebrate at times. I’m sure everyone enjoyed themselves, but there may have been a few thick heads the next morning.

VILLAGE SCHOOL: My visitors are constantly telling me how lucky this village is to have such a great pub. It’s a great pity I can’t say the same for our school, which sadly, as Christine Isitt states in our Parish Magazine ‘looks so abandoned’. We all wonder what is going to happen to it.

CHURCHYARD CLEAR-UP: Tomorrow, Saturday, is Churchyard Clear-up Day from 9.30am till noon. Many thanks go to Bill, Brenda and Paul Dartnell who have kept the grass well mown throughout the summer.

GOOD NEIGHBOURS: I went to the Rodmell Good Neighbours Scheme meeting on Wednesday evening. It was fairly well attended. For those that have not ventured to ask for help, for all sorts of things, through this scheme, I will say do think about it. There is always an element of pride in asking for help, especially in the older generation. The scheme has helped me out in several ways over the year it has been running and I am very grateful for it. Please do support it.

PEARS: There are still a lot of pears in the orchard, waiting to be picked, so I would welcome people coming to clear the trees and have the pears for free. I hate waste.

POLITICS: No matter what your politics, I think people would have felt so sorry for Theresa May, when she had that awful coughing fit in front of so many people and then the lettering fell off from the board behind her. I thought she coped admirably well with the whole situation. I used to suffer from coughing fits like that, at one time and I know what it feels like, so embarrassing.

GUNS: Coming from a family that has always had guns on the premises (my late father was a gun collector and ran shooting parties at one time), I cannot comprehend how the USA cannot get its gun laws sorted. Surely after the recent terrible tragedies, they will come to their senses. My father was regularly checked by the police, held the official paperwork and his guns were in a well-locked cabinet, which was then covered by a curtain. Thank goodness we are more civilized about such things in this country. Let’s hope it continues this way.

C7: It is Friday October 6. I have just driven along the C7 from Lewes at the start of the rush hour (4.15pm) and I was horrified to see a boy of about 7 to 9 years old riding his bike with no helmet on, in front of a man who was wearing a helmet and there was a long line of traffic being held up by them. Now as we know, rush hour drivers striving to get home and getting impatient and cross because these bike riders were on the road and not using the cycle path alongside them, this was an accident just waiting to happen. There will always be an impatient motorist or someone who is not familiar with the C7 who will take a chance. That‘s unfortunately how accidents happen. Cyclists, please use cycle paths when they are available, especially when children are on bikes.

LADIES THAT LUNCH: I’ve just had a Ladies that Lunch meeting and we were all saying how we dreaded not being able to park unless you paid by phone, and also we are not happy about having to use ticket machines at railway stations and not buying one from a kiosk with a person in it. Lack of human contact in such issues is isolating the older generation. If towns make parking by phone only, it will be a bad thing for shops as many people have to drive into towns to get their necessities and many will not be able to use phones or even don’t own one.