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Rodmell & Southease news

HARVEST FESTIVAL: It was so sad not to have any children at or Harvest Festival Service on Sunday October 8. Now the village school is closing, it has only one pupil. It is a church school, which used the church regularly and you had standing room only at Harvest Festival. We were very pleased to see the Headteacher and Anne at the service and my heart went out to them, because it must be awful for those staff left to see the fall of such an old and well-loved school. The village is very sad about the whole situation and I hear general village opinion is that they would have liked more back up from the church. For those that work for the church locally, I would like to say they are appreciated.

BERRIES: Evidently there is a glut of berries and nuts this year. Country lore says this means a hard winter is on the way, as nature is providing for its creatures.

SPIDERS: We have had some huge spiders in the house, and I was not pleased when I was reading in bed and one ran across me. Crane flies have also been in abundance these past weeks, plus we’ve had some huge orange slugs in the garden and smaller slugs have been coming into the house. The wonders of living in an old country cottage.

PRODUCTION: I was taken by my lovely god-daughter to see her daughter Raphy McDavitt-Lowe, who played a leading part as Red Riding Hood in Lewes Operatic Society’s Into the Woods, a dark fairy tale. I have to say I was taken aback by the way some very young people in it coped with the music by Stephen Sondheim, as it was not easy music to listen to or sing, and they all did a remarkable job of putting on a great performance. It is not something I would like to go to again, as the music grated on me somewhat, but LOS did a grand job in putting it on. I thought Raphy was very good, but then I’m biased.

HARVEST SUPPER: We have our Harvest Supper in the village hall today, Friday, and this is an evening that I always enjoy.

SOUTHEASE CHURCH: It will be lovely to go to Southease Church again. At the moment the roof is being done. I love this church for its lightness and simplicity and also its situation.

DOG WALKERS: Would the person who walks their dog down ‘the gap’ please poop scoop and put it in the bin provided. People are getting rather fed up with seeing mounds of poo, obviously done by a big dog, situated on this walkway. On the whole, this village is very good at keeping everywhere clear of doggie droppings.

TALK: We are all looking forward to going to an Evening of Farming and local Nostalgia, a talk and film show by the every popular Ian Everest on Saturday November 11. I suspect tickets are all sold out.

JUNK MAIL: I am fed up with the amount of junk mail being delivered at the moment despite having gone through the procedure to stop it. The same goes for cold callers on the telephone.

THANK YOU: To whoever it was, that cleared my wheelbarrow of apples recently. I have yet more apples and pears to get rid of.