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TALK: As people are fans of Ian Everest and his talks, they may like to know that he is giving a talk at our WI monthly meeting on November 21 at 8pm. He will be talking about Newhaven Fort and it should be very interesting. The meeting is open to all and I hear several men have already shown an interest. Our WI is desperately trying to keep going to celebrate its centenary in 2019, and these sort of evenings help keep up the interest, so please come along.

HARVEST SUPPER: Our Harvest Supper on Friday October 20, was a great success and as usual the food was great. Many thanks to all who organised it, and gave time and effort to making it a wonderful evening. Yet again, it was sad not to see any children there. In past times one table would always have children sat at it and they always enjoyed it. I’m so glad I have wonderful memories of people going out to such functions and communicating with each other face to face, not via their mobile phones etc.

CHRISTMAS: It seems strange to think that in a few weeks it will be Christmas, where has that year gone? Time flies by these days. Commercialism and the real reason for celebrating Christmas seems to have taken its toll and I know so many people who do not like it now and will do anything to get away from it. People are now walking the South Downs Way over Christmas to escape from the festivities, and I have bookings. The only problem is, someone walking 20 miles to get to me on December 27 won’t have many daylight hours to do it in. I have asked this lady to keep in contact by phone. Walkers coming to me have got lost in the past, so I always like to know their progress.

RECYCLING: On the subject of plastic in our oceans, surely it’s not just plastic but what happens to all those helium balloons that are sent up into the air at various functions such as weddings, funerals, parties etc. What goes up has to come down, you only have to walk over areas after firework night to pick up the rubbish left behind, to realise that we pollute the earth in so many ways. When I come home with my weekly shop it takes me at least an hour to take all the wrappings off, recycle what I can and put the shopping away. I try to check what things are wrapped in as I buy, but it’s getting ridiculous these days. The same goes for junk mail, which takes time to open and take out some of the contents which may not recycle. It’s all such a waste of time, energy and money.

PEOPLE WATCHING: As I’ve said before I love to people watch and study people’s habits, especially on TV. Have you noticed how many people have black leather settees? Practically everyone interviewed in their houses is sitting on one. Tattooists must also be making money from the amount of artwork we see on bodies these days. This will probably lead to plastic surgeons and skin specialists making a lot of money in the future, when tattoos go out of fashion. Fashion is a strange system. I noticed someone on TV wearing a jacket recently that was supposed to be the height of fashion. I have had an almost identical jacket for 30 years. They say if you keep clothes the come back into fashion again.

TV SIGNAL: I am finding more and more that when guests come and I apologise for the TV sometimes not working due to signal problems. They often tell me they don’t have a TV at home; they would rather read some of my lovely books, of which I have many; or they are pleased to get away from TV. Maybe there is hope for the human race after all. I was absolutely stunned recently, when a young man bumped into me in Lewes and apologised profusely, saying ‘I’m so sorry, I do apologise’. Manners maketh man, me thinks. He made my day, I’m easily pleased.

B&B: Thankfully, I passed Lewes Bed and Breakfast Group Inspection Scheme recently. I believe I’m the only registered and inspected B&B in Rodmell now, but I could be wrong. B&Bs in our area are few and far between now, as many people that ran them have retired, given up or downsized.

CARERS FORUM: I went as a carer to the Carers’ Forum at Sussex Downs College, Lewes Campus on Wednesday October 25. It was a very good event, which gave a lot of information on various subjects to do with caring. I’m afraid ESCC was slated by many for their inefficiency in dealing with a lot of matters and several people were in tears over their desperation for help with their caring situations. Our household recently had a problem that had been cropping up at this time of the year over three years. Thankfully, I put it into the hands of Care for the Carers and had a very apologetic phone call from a charming man named David, who put my mind at rest. I would say to readers who deal with ESCC, please check any bills, correspondence etc. We all know their staff are under pressure, so don’t be too unpleasant to them. I wouldn’t want to do their job.