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TALK: Not much going on in Rodmell at the moment, apart from the fact that on November 21, Ian Everest is giving a talk about Newhaven Fort at 8pm in the village hall. His talks nearly always fill the hall, so we are hoping for a good turnout.

TV PROGRAMME: Newhaven has been on TV quite a bit lately, as have Seaford and Birling Gap. There was a very interesting programme on Newhaven Lifeboat and the crew members, including Gary Johnson, Director of Bluebird Care (Lewes). We use Bluebird Care and have met Gary several times and he is a very nice man. We should all be grateful that these people give their time and at times put their lives in danger to save people, and do it for free.

MEDICAL SERVICES: I have quite a few friends in Seaford, and they all speak highly of the medical services there. No waiting a month for an appointment, and they seem to get into hospital ‘at the drop of a hat’. No wonder when people retire they make a beeline to live in Seaford. Regarding the NHS, which we all know is struggling, I had an experience recently, which I would not like to go through too often. I had to visit my accountant in Shoreham, and when I arrived, his wife quickly ushered me into his study, where he had collapsed. As I’m used to these situations, having been a carer to Dad, Mum and now Mike, I told his wife to ring 999 as things didn’t look good, as the said person was lapsing in and out of consciousness, and was having breathing problems. The phone was answered promptly, but the wife had to answer endless questions, whilst I was trying to cope with her husband. The person on the phone then asked to speak to her husband, who was drifting in and out of consciousness. Another 10 minutes of questioning, then the phone had to be put down whilst we waited for a paramedic. 10 minutes later a paramedic was on the phone, another lot of questions then the wife was told to ring the doctor and get an immediate appointment. By this time, all our patience was wearing thin. The patient had come round, but did not look good. I had to go onto another appointment and couldn’t leave Mike for too long, so had to leave this couple, who are in their seventies, hoping for the best. To date, I haven’t been able to get hold of them to find out how things went. I just hope all is well.

CHURCH SERVICE: For those who like to get into the Christmas Spirit early, why not come to the Advent Sunday service by candlelight at 4pm in our church. Do bring a torch for safety’s sake, as our village does not have street lights

CHRISTMAS MARKET: I see that Iford Church will be holding a Christmas Market on Saturday December 2, 2pm to 4pm. There will be mulled wine, seasonal cakes, Christmas music and gifts for sale. I know a lot of people from towns nearby like to visit these markets for a country day out at the moment; they are probably lost for choice.

PARKING: I arranged to meet an old neighbour of mine, who used to live in Barn House, for lunch at the Depot in Lewes. We decided to meet up in the car park at Mountfield Road, only to find there was a notice on the parking meter to say it was out of order, pay by phone only. As neither of wanted to use this system, and many don’t, we left Lewes and went on to the Green Man at Ringmer for a nice lunch, free parking and good service. My friend was aiming to shop in Lewes after, but decided to go home instead. I really think that if by chance, this was an experiment to see if meters could go over to phone parking, it would not be a good idea. I have a cousin who has a café in Hove and have heard that this method of parking is not popular and shops lose out to it, as many older people who have time and money to spend just find this system too much to cope with (me included). Many do not have phones and can’t read small print or remember numbers. Please keep meters coin and card payment or lose trade.

LATE NEWS: Christmas Craft Fayre tomorrow, Saturday, 10am to 4pm, Rodmell Village Hall. Lots of locally made unique gifts. Refreshments available all day. Enquiries to or Tel: 01273 470471.

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