Rodmell and Southease

DAFFODILS: The daffodils that we planted along the bank outside our house are gradually coming out. We planted them as a herald of spring colour to the village, and do not appreciate people picking them, and letting their dogs and children run amok amongst them. My neighbours keep an eye on them for me and appreciate the fact that they can see a riot of colour from their windows, which gives them pleasure. They were planted to give everyone pleasure, so please do not destroy them.

RUBBISH: All the villages are looking very pretty now, with all the spring flowers coming out, but in some cases rubbish is blighting villagers’ efforts to give pleasure by planting spring bulbs. The area at Piddinghoe, from Dean Farm onwards to the cemetery, has had the sort of rubbish that gets thrown from cars; cups, fast food packaging etc along its verges and it’s such a shame.

SNOW: At last children who had heard about snow, but had never seen it, could experience it. They really enjoyed it, but I can’t say the same for those who had to deal with the problems it caused.

HOMELESSNESS: We are all shocked at the number of homeless people around these days. Maybe it’s time that the churches in places like Brighton, Hove, Hastings etc, opened up to give these poor unfortunates shelter in such cold weather. After all, that’s what churches are for, isn’t it, to give aid to the needy, as Jesus would have done as a very humble man. In times of war, churches were places of shelter, so why not now for those who need it? They certainly wouldn’t be empty, as many are these days.

SAD NEWS: Sadly, Rodmell lost one of its long-time residents. Pam Bray died recently and her funeral will be at Woodvale Crematorium, Brighton on March 19 at 3pm, then at our pub The Abergavenny at 4.15pm. Pam was always a cheery soul, with a very smiley face, who liked to take part in village activities. She was married to Dr Robert Bray, whom I occasionally worked for at the University of Sussex, and she has a son, Michael, who works in India. She will be remembered as a village character. Our condolences go to Michael.

GHOST TOWNS: Shops are closing everywhere and people are losing their jobs. Yet another problem caused by modern technology, because so many are shopping on-line. This is yet another cause of isolation to many. People like to go out and communicate with people especially those who can’t or won’t use technology and, as I’ve said before, there are many. Places like Newhaven are like ghost towns with empty shops, no banks, libraries in danger of closing, post offices, closing etc etc. Are we all to be enclosed in our homes, gazing at TVs, phones and computers and isolating ourselves? I know for sure I won’t be one of them, as I like to get out and about, communicating with the human race, before it evolves into robotism.

WI: On Tuesday March 26, Rodmell WI will have a talk given by speaker Lesley Peskett: Peggy Angus, Artist and Designer, and her links with Ravilious and Piper, which should make for a very interesting evening. Non-members welcome at 8pm, for a small donation.

PUB QUIZ: Wednesday March 21, the pub quiz at The Abergavenny, in aid of St Peter and St James Hospice. Tickets from Maureen Ford at £10, to include a two-course buffet. Phone 01273 474980 or email Maureen at