Rodmell and Southease

THE SERVICE: Of thanksgiving for the life of Professor Bhalchandra Vinayak Jayawant, known as Jay, was well attended by around 130 people. It was in Kingston Church and afterwards at Kingston Village Hall on Thursday March 29. I was pleased to meet up with faculty members and secretaries, that I hadn’t seen for 30 years in some cases.

WALKERS: People starting to walk the South Downs Way are now turning up frequently and bookings are coming in thick and fast for the summer months. Its lovely to see how many families are taking up walking and how the children enjoy it.

I love to read what they put in my visitors’ book and loved what one person had written: In my next life, I want to live here, it’s so lovely. I thought this was especially sweet.

THE BIRDS: Are now starting to get busy nest building and chasing each other. They seem to be later this year in home finding. We have also had two ant invasions into the kitchen, which is to be expected at this time of the year, but are also annoying. We have a hairdresser who comes to the house and I always put the cut hair out into the garden for the birds, who like this and pampas grass fronds for nest building. I was surprised to see a handsome stoat whizzing down the garden with a mouthful of it and disappearing under the old goat stable. I suspect there will be a nest of stoat kits around soon.

LOST DOG: Does anyone know who claimed the collie dog, who was running up the middle of the C7 from Iford area one evening about a month ago? Mike’s carer had it run out in front of her and was very concerned about it, as she is devoted owner of collies. We do hope it didn’t come to harm. I hear that quite a few stray dogs have been seen running along the C7, which is a very dangerous road. I wonder if it’s new people who have moved into the area with dogs and have not yet secured their gardens. Stray dogs also get into trouble with sheep worrying, with dire consequences for the sheep and the farmers, who lose so much money when their sheep die. It’s also traumatic.

ACCIDENTS: I notice that after the icy weather, many fences and hedges now have holes in them, where cars have gone through. Expensive for drivers and farmers to have to repair them. Let’s hope we’ve the seen the back of the cold weather.

FORTHCOMING EVENTS: Don’t forget that Rodmell has its Spring Show tomorrow, Saturday, in the village hall at 2pm. This is always a lovely event. We also have a Jumble Sale on April 14 at 2pm. This is also in the village hall. Helpers needed. Tuesday April 17, Rodmell WI have yet another speaker, John Davey, who will be giving a talk on The Lost Industries of Lewes at 8pm in the village hall.