Rodmell and Southease

AT LAST: We are seeing the sun and feeling its warmth, and what a difference it makes to people and nature. People are smiling and wearing more colourful clothes, and nature is literally bursting out in colour, with the lovely magnolias, that seem to love this village, looking magnificent.

JUMBLE SALE: The Jumble Sale on Saturday was fairly well attended and there were plenty of helpers. I reluctantly hold back some of the better clothes of mine to put into the charity shops, instead of jumble sales, because I know people will only pay small amounts at jumble sales and then sell them on for profit on their computers. I prefer the charities to get more and they always need as much as they can get.

SHOCKING NEWS: The news at the moment is shocking and I cannot get to grips on how intent people are in being evil and hurting others. How can President Assad (who has an English wife and children, and was a prominent children’s doctor, who actually dealt with my cousin’s four-year old son when he had cancer of the eye and had to have it out), destroy so many with chemical warfare – it’s beyond me.

FILM NIGHT: At last, we have Rodmell’s inaugural Film Night coming up tomorrow, Saturday, at 7.30pm, entry £3. The film will be Grand Budapest Hotel, directed by Wes Anderson and starring Ralph Fiennes, Jude Law, Jeff Goldblum (good job there’s an L in his name), Bill Murray, Harvey Keitel. ‘A zany, colourful and fascinating journey through old postcard Europe’. Running time is one hour 39 minutes and it’s suggested you bring a cushion to sit on for comfort. There will be refreshments. It’s hoped this will be the first of many film nights. Please let Angus know if you are coming via Facebook or email Yet another event that doesn’t have a phone number. This business of not putting phone numbers on anything is discrimination to people who don’t have technology at their fingertips, and believe me, there are many of them.

LIFE IN THE DOWNS: In Life in the Downs, the year-round saga of Rodmell folk, one of the issues mentioned is that the Chichester Diocesan Board of Finance (DBF), who own Rodmell School, are likely to be putting the freehold of the school building up for sale, when it becomes vacant this August. Evidently, if anyone in the village has an interest in putting together an offer to purchase the school at market value, for either residential or non-residential purposes, the DBF will consider it along with any offers they receive. I suspect that with a long narrow path just wide enough for a car to get up it, wedding parties and funerals taking place in the church, plus many visitors to Monks House and parishioners going to services, it would take a very tolerant person to buy it. It will be interesting to see what happens.

PARISH ASSEMBLY: The meeting of Rodmell Village Annual Parish Assembly is tonight, Friday, in the village hall at 8pm. Please come and air your views.

PARISH PUMP: It’s been around 29 years that I’ve written the Parish Pump for Rodmell and Southease, and I have to say that the C7, the school and recently Broadband are the topics that I keep being asked to write about. Many years ago, when mobile phones came about I had one of the first, about the size of a brick, but simple to use. It made your handbag a bit heavy. I also wrote abut the good and bad things that would result in modern technology, stating that it was like the legend of Pandora’s Box, you lift the lid in curiosity and good and bad leap out. I think we are now realising what we have done, and have to harness the evil that is affecting us, especially our children.