Rodmell and Southease

SPRING: Well, we’ve had a few days of summer, now it’s back to having the heating on again and wearing warmer clothes (if you didn’t give them to the recent jumble sale). I can’t believe how much everything has grown in the garden. It’s very difficult to keep up with, even though I have a hard-working gardener, who comes every week. Two of us worked constantly for five hours on Saturday and there are still many things to do. I keep forgetting to say how much pleasure the amazing display of daffodils on the corner of Wellgreen Lane, Kingston, gave to everyone passing. So sad to now see them dead, but no doubt the bulbs are building up strength to give an even more glorious display next year. I often walk on the green path by the cemetery in Lewes, cutting through the council car park. At this time of the year, the trees in blossom are lovely. You an also find a seat when it’s warm and sunny and enjoy lovely views over the ‘dead’ centre of Lewes. I’ve always had a fascination with cemeteries, as they are a haven of wildlife and knowledge. It’s amazing what historic knowledge you can gain by reading gravestones.

THANKS: Go to John Robinson and his band The Leaky Buckets, for yet another good evening’s entertainment on Friday April 27 in Iford Hall. Money made supported SANDS, Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity. It was good to hear guest guitarist Will White play again. Many remember him as a very young entertainer. Yet another young lady entertainer also played guitar and sang for us, but sadly I’ve forgotten her name.

FILM NIGHT: On the night that Rodmell held it’s Film Show, a group of my friends walked up the village to the pub. Please note, to, not from. One fell, due to a pothole outside our daffodil bank and ended up with a black eye and bent spectacles. Not a good end to a lovely evening. There were around 30 people who came to the first film evening. We hope word gets around and more will come next time.

RODMELL SCHOOL: Service of Thanksgiving for Rodmell CE School, Friday June 29, at 7pm. Rodmell CE School will be closing on August 31. We are going to celebrate its 162 years and hold a service of Thanksgiving in the Church of St Peter, Rodmell on St Peter’s Day, Friday June 29 at 7pm with refreshments in the school afterwards. So sad to have this end of an era. We would love to see former children, staff parents, governors and villagers who have fond memories of the school, so please come and spread the word.

RIDE AND STRIDE: Sussex Churches Ride and Stride, Saturday September 8. This annual event raises money for your local church and also money to help the fabric of ancient churches to be maintained. Each PCC will decide if they hope to provide a welcome on that day.

RETIREMENT: Hugh Bailey is retiring as reader this month after 20 years service in our Benefice. On April 30 at the United Service of Parish Communion at 9.45am Kingston, Hugh preached at his last service on his retirement as a Reader. It also happened to be Hugh’s 70th birthday as well. Throughout his twenty years of service, he has been very well supported by his wife Martine, a lovely lady to whom we also want to say thank you. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible for me to get to his occasion, as having a disabled person to cope with and waiting for care support workers to come didn’t tie in with the early time of 9.45am. Wishing you all the best Hugh and Martine. Take each day at a time and enjoy it. We never know what the future holds for us.

MONK’S HOUSE: Is now open, so we now get coach loads of visitors from far and wide visiting the village. Let’s hope they don’t fall in the potholes.