Rodmell and Southease

THE HOT WEATHER: Is taking its toll on trees and plants, and if you see a green lawn, you know it’s being regularly watered as most lawns and verges are now brown. I’m pleased to note that the Council have been cutting verges enabling people to walk more safely along roads like the C7 and you can actually see some road signs now.

THANKSGIVING SERVICE: It was a very sad occasion on Friday 29th June when a Thanksgiving Service for 162 years of Rodmell C of E Primary School was held in the church, followed by refreshments in the school. Many staff and ex-pupils came from far and wide to this occasion, as this school was well loved and had wonderful memories for many. I think the School Prayer sums up how people felt about their school: This is our school, Let peace dwell here, Let the rooms be full of contentment, Let love abide here; Love of mankind, love of one another, Love of life itself and love of God. Let us remember, that as many hands build a house, So many hearts make a school.

It will officially be closed at the end of August, and will then go on the property market to be sold. A sad end of an era.

WI: Our WI has some pretty lively people in it these days. We went to a skittles evening at Barcombe recently, and a group of the ‘more active gals’ went on a WI camping trip and really enjoyed it. Not being a sporty or competitive person, I went to the skittles evening and lobbed a few balls along he alley, just to be sociable and enjoyed the event.

FOOTBALL: I have quite a few friends who are fed up with the football mania around at the moment, especially those who hate the TV programmes being changed around to permit football being filmed live. I have not a clue what is going on when I watch football, but as an avid people watcher, I love to watch people’s faces, fashion mode, and emotional outbursts. You see grown men cry at their teams’ defeat, yet at a family funeral, for example, they keep the ‘stiff upper lip’. ‘None so interesting as folk’, so my grandmother used to say.

PARKING: I was dismayed to find the parking meter at Lewes Football Ground car park had a sign on it, last Friday, saying ‘Out of Order, but you can use your phone to park or go to the nearest machine down the road’. Needless to say, a lot of people were trooping down to the machine. I do wonder if this was an experiment by the council to see how many people would pay by phone, I do hope not. I refuse to use these pay by phone machines, unless they have an option where you can pay by cash. Brighton is full of them, hence I know many people who to date have changed, to come to Lewes, Seaford or Eastbourne, where in many cases parking is free or phone or cash. This is also the case of people visiting the seaside, with Seaford becoming more popular because parking at the moment is free. It seems to be helping the tourist trade in Seaford, as the seafront is becoming a very popular with many food and drink options popping up. Let’s hope it keeps this way.

SUMMER SHOW: Preparation by organisers is now taking place for Rodmell’s Summer Show, which will be taking place on Saturday August 18 at the Sports Field. Help is always needed.

FILM CLUB: Tomorrow, Saturday, Rodmell Village Hall Film Club will be showing Suffragette. Time 7.30pm, price £3 per person.

THE GARDEN: I am not a lover of hot weather and tend to be in the garden in the early morning or in the evening when it’s cooler and quieter. The poor plants are really suffering from lack of moisture, so I hope we get some rain soon. It will probably happen when it’s the children’s holiday time. I do hope those who love this weather are able to enjoy it.