Rodmell and Southease

SPORT: Well it’s been quite a week with the football (I’m not saying anything), the tennis with the long match between the giants and Serena Williams, the amazing Amazon of a woman, who has made her comeback after all the recent traumas of having a baby and ill health. She must be such a positive and determined person. The heat must have been hard to cope with for all concerned with Wimbledon and the spectators. Many years ago, my friend Colonel Guy Westmacott had a box at Wimbledon, and on many occasions I was invited to use it but I never did. My friends thought I was crazy to turn down such an offer, but as I’m not really sport-minded, it meant nothing to me.

SUMMER SHOW: Preparations are on the way for Rodmell’s traditional Summer Show on Saturday August 18, on our Sports Field. This is again organised by Candy and Laurence Thomas and Willie Edmonds and Sandra Webb, who would appreciate lots of help. This is a very popular village event and we also get a lot of visitors, so don’t forget to keep the day on your mind if you are thinking of a day out in the countryside.

EMPTY ROADS: I’ve heard so any people say how wonderful it was to have empty roads, supermarkets and country areas free of crowds because the football is on.

THAI RESCUE: I did not watch the football, but was holding my breath and hoping that Rick Stanton and the British team of divers and the Thai Navy Seal Divers, would get the 12 young footballers and their coach out from the caves where they were holed up. It was so wonderful that those brave divers, who do this for free, but sadly in one case a life was lost, were working so hard for the sake of human lives and not for the prestige of fame and money. I admit to crying when all were safe and well. Thank God for human beings like those who put their life on the line for others and not for money. They were all so humble about it as well.

BROWN AND DRY: I hate to see everywhere looking so brown and dry when it should be green and succulent. I’ve picked my few broad beans and runner beans and pulled the plants up as the blackfly were taking over. I’ve had my first tomatoes and green peppers and the dwarf beans seem to be holding their own against invasion of pests. As my potato patch was looking so forlorn, I dug some up and was surprised how many large potatoes there were, considering I haven’t watered them frequently as they are down the end of the garden. The blackcurrants are prolific and are ready to pick and the gooseberries are now in the freezer. Plums are few and far between this year, but the apples are doing well. I’m not so sure about pears, as they like moisture. Geraniums and petunias seem to thrive in the heat, as do roses. I have some orange pansies that have the most wonderful smell and in the evenings the garden has the most wonderful scents wafting around from the honeysuckle and other shrubs and plants that I have planted because of their perfume.

INSECTS: I’m not keen on the mosquitoes, which seem to consider me as a walking snack bar, even though I put on insect repellent. In the morning, as I do my walkabout around the orchard, field and gardens, I take a broom to clear the spiders’ webs, as I hate walking through them and getting covered in sticky webs.

SUMMER FETE: Next Sunday, Parris Lawn, the nursing home in Ringmer where Mike now lives, has its Summer Fete, which I wrote about in last week’s Parish Pump. I shall be helping out. Do come and visit, especially if you are looking for a Nursing Home for a loved one. Over the past 29 years I’ve spent as a carer I’ve visited quite a few homes and it’s quite a task finding one that will suit your loved ones. The Fete starts at 2pm to 4.30pm.