Rodmell and Southease

BAD LUCK: I know it’s an old tradition to say ‘bad luck comes in threes’, and for me it always happens this way. Last week, within three days, my car had problems and had to be repaired, my phone had to be replaced and the hot water system had to have repairs. I am now much the poorer but thankful that I can at least pay for all to be done, where many people would struggle. I have to thank my parents for my upbringing, as I was always told to keep money behind you for that rainy day. I just hope I get a financial break now.

THE HOT WEATHER: Really gets to me and I don’t function well in it, so I was pleased to feel a little drop of rain on Friday and see clouds up in the sky. I do hope, however, that now it’s the school holiday time the sun will shine for everyone.

RODMELL SCHOOL: Our school, here in Rodmell, certainly made publicity today as it was on the radio (BBC Sussex, Sussex Breakfast with Neil Pringle) about it closing down after 162 years. The village is very upset about it and feels very let down. It was a well-loved school and turned out some jolly good pupils. We are all waiting with bated breath to see what happens to the building, as it’s not the easiest of locations and our church is next door to it and still well used.

DRIVING: Coming back from seeing Mike, who is in a nursing home at Ringmer, I was amazed to see what I think was a gold Mini, driven at incredible speed through Ringmer and into Lewes with its engine roaring at a horrendous level, which must have been well over the permitted noise level. The driver was certainly an attention-seeker, which makes it easy for police to notice him. Nearly a year ago I had a warning letter from the police because I was caught on camera, fairly early in the morning on Seaford seafront, doing 37mph on an almost empty road which had a 30mph limit. Since then, I now drive very carefully, and object to tailgaters who try to harass me. I’ve had a clean driving license for around 50 years and I want to keep it that way.

NOISY PLANES: Reading in last week’s Sussex Express about the couple who are having problems with noisy planes going over from Gatwick, we in Rodmell and nearby villages have had a noisy private plane, whose pilot thinks it’s entertaining to drone on and on over these villages on a Sunday afternoon and show off his piloting skills with his roll-overs etc. Anyone got a very large fly swat? Plenty of people would love to use it.

COFFEE MORNING: I must try to remember the Coffee Morning in our pub on Wednesday at 11am. I haven’t been for ages as I keep forgetting. It’s a nice way to connect with fellow villagers.

WI: I almost forgot to go to the WI meeting this month. I should get into the habit of writing notes, but I’d probably forget where I put them. Maybe I’ll feel more normal when it cools down. Doubt it. On with the watering and dead-heading.

PARKING: Also reading in last week’s Sussex Express, about the parking changes glitches, I felt sorry for the person who was told to use a computer or not get a permit. Do these people who say such things realise that it does not come easily to some older people who may have sight problems, arthritis in their hands, dementia or Alzheimer’s, and in many cases do not have the money to buy or run a computer to keep up with the pace of life these days? We are helped to live longer but then are considered a liability because we can’t keep up with modern life. Good luck to Councillor Ruth O’Keeffe for caring enough to look into these problems. Age, remember, waits for no man or woman, it comes to all. There’s another saying, ‘Youth is but a moment, Age lasts longer’.