Rodmell and Southease

a favourite place of mine. I have friends there and often meet up with them in the lovely conservatory at the Hydro Hotel for lunch or tea. It has the most lovely view over its gardens and out to sea. This week, however, I was at Eastbourne in the evening when my cousins and I went to the 1812 Fireworks and Proms Concert. We are, and always have been, a very musical family and my cousin Martin was playing in the concert with the East Sussex Concert Band. It was such a beautiful evening and the venue (the Eastbourne Band Stand) was packed. It was lovely to see a group of young mums with small children, some in push-chairs, enjoying the music in one corner. The children were so good, no crying, and they seemed enthralled. The mums went before the noisy firework display, which was probably a wise move. It was a spectacular evening and much enjoyed by all.

THE C7: Is a very busy road, especially between 7am and 9am and 4pm and 6pm, and people are still driving too fast along it, hence more accidents of late, one being a Rodmell resident. As it’s harvest time as well, there is are lot of heavy vehicles and farm traffic belting along. I’ve noticed a lot of people walking along it recently, especially on Monk’s House opening days. As there are no footpaths and the verges are not wide and not always cut, it’s a dangerous thing to do, but people going from village to village don’t have much choice. So, please, drivers check your speed.

TV: Whilst the weather has been so hot, I’ve watched a little more TV and like watching programmes like Escape to the Country, Wanted Down Under and programmes about people buying houses at auctions, etc. It always amazes me how many of the properties are painted in that modern grotty grey colour, which is so depressing and they nearly have grey or black leather settees. It’s amazing how the media set a fashion and they all follow. Doesn’t anyone think for themselves and follow their own individual ideas these days? Do they have to be dictated to by the media who, let’s face it, only set fashions and trends so they can make money out of vulnerable people. It’s fine to buy if you actually like it, but I personally object to following fashion just for the sake of it.

LOCAL CHARACTERS: There is a lady who wanders around Lewes pushing a trolley bedecked in flags and all sorts of things. She was wearing a crash helmet and layers of assorted clothes in this very hot weather and I last saw her on a seat by the station. She seems to be happy as she’s always smiling. She’s evidently one of life’s characters and I love to see such an individual. There used to be a man who wandered all around the Lewes, Ringmer and Falmer area, who wore a fun hat and coat and boots, with sunglasses in the hot weather as well. He walked for miles and I don’t know how he could do it. He was around for years but I have not seen him for some time now. I wonder if any readers remember him? Another one of life’s characters. The rain has been very welcome and the grass is looking greener, but we still need more.