Rodmell and Southease

TICKS: Are becoming a pest this year, probably because of the weather. I have heard people saying that their dogs and cats have had more on them this year than they can remember in past years and I was talking to friends of mine from the Czech Republic, who live in country areas with deer in their gardens, who said they needed to check their children and animals regularly for these pests. Evidently, one little girl had five on her at one time, one being in her ear, very painful. These pests can carry Lyme’s Disease, which in some cases can be fatal, so if you have worked in forests or areas of heather, do check your animals frequently. The vets have special little gadgets to remove ticks. I am like a walking McDonalds to mosquitoes, and despite covering myself in repellent and covering up, especially in the garden at dusk, the little pests still get to places that are tender and feast on me.

COACH TRIP: A friend of mine is running a coach trip to the Mini Factory in Oxford on Wednesday September 5. I believe there are still a few seats left so if you have a Mini and would like to see how they are made, contact Tony on 01903 765695 GTA Minibreaks. The cost in all is £52 for the day. We have a party of five going, and the pick-up will be from Brighton. You get time to go round Oxford as well. My friends and I have been going on Tony’s trips for many years and have always enjoyed them.

THE GARDEN: Amazingly, the gardens are now green again and plants are having a second life. I have a laburnum flowering again.

SUMMER SHOW: I had the most lovely Saturday as members of my family came over and friends turned up as well, to go to Rodmell’s Summer Show and then pick fruit from our orchard. The children dug their own potatoes from my raised beds, picked blackberries and ended up a shade of purple from the juice, then Rob the gardener gave them a chance to ride on the sit-on mower and cut the field. I have to say Dad had to have a go as well, boys will be boys. We all ended up happy and contented, having had a lovely outdoor day ending with a good old-fashioned picnic in the garden. We didn’t spend a fortune, food was home-made and wholesome, without a barbecue in sight and the children loved it and can’t wait to come again. Simplicity and happiness it seems commend each other. I took my German visitors to the evening event of the show, which was the Newick Folk Band. We all enjoyed ourselves, but left early, as they had an early morning start and I was rather tired by this time. Many thanks to all who worked so hard to get this show off the ground. It was appreciated and enjoyed. The show, in general was well down on produce entries this year, but it was to be expected after the weather we’ve had.

RIDE AND STRIDE: The next event in the village is Ride and Stride, when it’s hoped volunteers will come forward to sit in the church to welcome visiting walkers and cyclists. If there are any cyclists who would like to represent our church, would they please let Michael of Christine Isitt know (01273 475943).

WI COMPETITION: Much to my surprise I had a letter recently which told me that my writing entry for the Lady Denman Cup Competition had been chosen as the winner. It will now be forwarded to the National Federation of Women’s Institute for the final judging. I am not by nature a competitive person, but try to do my bit for Rodmell and Southease WI, so it would be nice if a small local WI received recognition through my entry.