Rodmell and Southease

THE C7: Is becoming more and more busy, especially since buses are being used more to ferry people to and from Lewes and Seaford because of the rail problems. An amazing number of HGVs are also using the C7 and they thunder along the arrow, winding road at incredible speeds, like most motorists who are not keeping to the 30mph limit through the villages. I do wonder if there were pollution checks done, what the results would be. County Councillor Sarah Osborne is campaigning for large commercial vehicles and HGVs to be forced to use special sat nav systems. Evidently there are sat nav routes with height and weight restrictions which could make it easy for them to avoid the minor roads. In the many years I have lived on this road, I always thought there were restrictions on large vehicles. I heard on the radio recently that a new road and a bridge to take traffic away from these areas was in the pipeline but have seen nothing in the local press.

OUR PUB: Has been in the news of late, as tonight, they are having their well cleared of all the money etc that has been down there for many years. The well is 75 feet deep and Belay Rope Access are the people going up and down the well to collect it. The money collected will be split, 75 percent for the RNLI and 25 percent for Rodmell Parish. It should be an exciting evening, as there is a lot going on, including a hog roast, craft stalls, cakes, cream teas, ice cream and a DJ and karaoke. In lonely heard about it in the last couple of days, so couldn’t publicise it, but will write about it in next week’s PP.

FRUIT: There are loads of blackberries around this year and they are lovely, plump and luscious. We have an enormous amount of apples and pears as well. I put them outside my house in a wheelbarrow for people to take, free. It’s a lot of work collecting them, so if anyone would like to come and pick their own, please ring me on 01273 476876 or knock on my door and ask.

MONKS HOUSE: I find the people coming by coach to Monks House are probably my best customers for the fruit, as walkers don’t want to carry it. I have a system, I collect jars, give them to friends and family and in return they get as much free fruit as they want and then give me a jar of home-made jam or pickle in return to put in my larder.

ROAD SIGNS: Driving back to Rodmell from Lewes today, I noticed a lot of the signs painted on the road are now hardly there. The mini roundabout by the Swan Pub is almost not there and the mph signs are very faint. Maybe that’s why people aren’t keeping to speed limits, however I doubt it, they just ignore them.

THE GARDEN: Having spent Saturday gardening, I’m pleased it’s raining to settle in new plants but feel sorry for those who have organised functions for this Bank Holiday weekend.

ILLNESS: After going to Southease Church on Sunday, I was horrified to hear that several villages are very poorly. I’m sure all the village wishes them well as we are part of a very caring village.

FREE PRODUCE: If the people that need to go to food banks have the means to get into the countryside, there is much free produce to be had, as many people like me, put fruit and vegetables outside their houses for free. There were piles of apples, marrows etc outside Southease Church at the weekend, there for the taking. You don’t seem to see many people making an effort to pick blackberries and other fruits of the countryside these days, but they will buy at the supermarkets at inflated prices.

CONCERT: Sunday October 21, 3pm From Vaughan Williams to Gershwin. A fundraising concert in St Nicholas Church, Iford of 20th Century English and American songs, on the theme of love, loss and celebration by Lucinda Houghton (soprano), Sara Gourlay (mezzo soprano) and Howard Beach (piano). Lucinda has performed with some of the most influential creative directors of our time, such as Sir John Eliot Gardiner, Sir Simon Rattle and Sir Neville Marriner and has sung as a soloist or with renowned choral groups such as the Monteverdi Choir and the Taverner Choir. Sara is a speech and language therapist and trained classical singer and performs as a soloist for many London and Sussex choral societies including The Grove Singers of London, Sussex Chorus and East Sussex Bach Choir. Howard has worked with many prizewinning singers, including Bryn Terfel and was official accompanist to the countess of Munster Musical Trust. He has performed with the London Mozart Players, Les Arts Florissants and on opera projects for Channel 4 TV. This should be a real treat. Tickets £12.50 (all proceeds in aid of the church), include afternoon refreshments. Contact 01273 478480 / 07976 254316.