Rodmell and Southease

HARVEST SUPPER: Rodmell had its wonderful Harvest Supper on Friday October 12 in our village hall, which was wonderfully decorated for the celebration of Harvest. The hall was packed, the food as usual was delicious and the whole atmosphere was happy. Thank you so much to the people who put so much effort into this occasion. It was very much enjoyed.

HARVEST FESTIVAL: I went to Harvest Festival in our church and it was so different to other years, when it was packed out with schoolchildren and their parents. As our school has now closed there were just a few people there. Things are done so differently now and I really miss the Harvest Services of the past, when whole families went to church and the front of the church would have masses of fruit, vegetables, flowers and the lovely harvest loaves, so beautifully made that always had a little harvest mouse featured on them. Fortunately the old hymns, so well loved, are still sung. Although its tins and packets of food now that goes to food banks, the heart of Harvest to me has gone.

OUR CHURCH: I do go to church fairly frequently, but I don’t have the same beliefs as many, tending to believe in the wonders of the natural world and humanity to the world and its people, which I suppose is another form of religion. Our church is very tolerant of people like me, who perhaps seek but don’t find at times. The number of times I was thrown out of what was called RK (Religious Knowledge) class in my time at school were many, because I was a questioner who wanted answers, and just could not take belief because I was told too. Bit like politics really. To keep Revd Marcus Brown, our Associate Vicar, happy, I now give you the dates and times of future services at Rodmell. Sunday, Trinity 17, 11am Rodmell; Sunday October 28, Joint Parish Communion at Southease. I will try to remember and write future dates Marcus.

FILM CLUB: I was pleased that at the Harvest Supper, a list was sent round asking people what films they would like at our Film Club. I’m sure more people would go if there were more films of a happy theme to give people that feel-good feeling when the come out.

TALKS: I’m delighted to see that my friend Ian Everest is giving us another evening of Farming and Local Nostalgia. This takes place at Rodmell Village Hall on Saturday November 10, 7pm for a 7.30pm start. Tickets are available from Martin and Sue Brickell (01273 858628). Part One will be Land Girls, of which I’m very proud to say my mother was one, I had the Land Army symbol put on her gravestone to be looked upon with pride. The second half is Down Your Way, a glimpse of local rural life from days past. I can assure you, these talks have a great following which shows you are giving people what they want, so tickets go quickly. I’m really looking forward to this evening.

PARTING GIFT: Having a relative of a villager stay with me recently, I was very touched to have a bottle of my favourite tonic water and a box of chocolates presented to me when he left as a thank you. I’ve lost count of the amount of such gifts and notes given over the years and all were appreciated, as it tells me I must have done something right.

SUE WOOD: Sad to see that Sue Wood, who owns our pub, has decided to leave the village and now resides in Malaga, Spain. I hope she will find much happiness there and that Jon and Lucie will still be able to run our village pub for many years to come.

MOBILE PHONES: For those who cannot cope with the up to date latest phone, you may be pleased to know you can get a ‘dumb phone’ now. It’s a basic, push-button mobile with no apps or camera and often no internet access. Evidently some people are hoping it will save them time and reduce distractions. Apparently they are becoming very popular.