Rodmell and Southease

AUTUMN: The good weather goes on and on, and isn’t it lovely? I love the autumn when it’s like this and took great pleasure in taking my Japanese friend Kayoko and friend Ian to Sheffield Park on Thursday to view the autumn colours. It was so busy there that we had to walk from the extra car park in a field, so be prepared if you are thinking of going in the next few weeks. Although it was as usual very beautiful, the colours haven’t really changed a lot yet, but I’m sure in the next couple of weeks it will look superb. My friends loved coming down from London for the day, having lunch at The Juggs at Kingston and seeing Lewes and the surrounding areas.

LETTER: I loved Jon Gunson’s letter in Opinion last week, ‘So it’s true satire is dead.’ A vision of me, ‘sitting in a rowing boat in the middle of the North Atlantic, denying the existence of sea water’, that was his response to me saying ‘The English rarely complain’ when writing on the subject of phone only parking meters. Let’s say it left me ‘up the creek without a paddle’, but at least I had a smile on my face, thanks Jon.

FILM NIGHT: I notice we have another film evening today, Friday, in the village hall. I have not heard what it is yet, but hope it’s cheerful and uplifting.

TALK: I see Lord Baker is giving an illustrated talk on Seven Deadly Sins, pride, anger, sloth, gluttony, lust. It’s on Friday November 30 in Iford Hall. Tickets are £12.50 including a glass of wine and a muffin. Phone Anna MacLeod 01273 478480 to book. I know seats go quickly for these events.

CHURCH SERVICE: Sunday, Trinity 18 Service at Southease, Joint Parish Communion.

ANOTHER PLEA: To motorists who belt up and down the C7, many using it as a rat run. Please go easy on the accelerator, as it’s 30mph through our villages, which nearly all have blind exits/entrances and it’s very frightening trying to get out onto the C7. Like lots of other villagers and my visitors, I will not turn right to Lewes, but turn left and turn at what we call ‘the gap’ as we have better vision.

COURAGE: I don’t know if any readers watched Without Limits: Australia (BBC1), when a team of injured British and Australian veterans embarked on a 1,000 mile journey across Western Australia’s remote Kimberley region. It was a really eye-opening insight to what courage these people have to overcome such disabilities. I also watched the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games 2018 and felt a complete wimp as I don’t have a courageous spirit, a trip to London on a train is too much for me these days, especially when you don’t know where and when you’ll end up at a destination, which may be, if you’re lucky, near your planned destination and you manage in the first place to cope with the gap between platform and train. Having had friends younger than me come to grief travelling by train I think I’ll stick to coach trips. You don’t have to be scared of old age, you just have to cope with it and find alternative ways.