Rodmell and Southease

WINTER: Well, the cold weather has hit us at last and quite a shock it was too. Last weekend people were sunbathing, this weekend it was winter woollies time. On the subject of wool, I was delighted to see on TV that wool is again on the up and not before time, as it is a lovely, natural material, unlike those awful man-made fibres that are now causing us so many problems. I have jumpers made from wool that are over 40 years old. They have been unpicked and re-knitted into more modern styles over the years, as my mother was a recycler before that word became popular, and loved knitting. She was also very good at it. Do readers remember Bri-Nylon? Awful stuff wasn’t it?

FILM CLUB: Our village Film Club is gaining yet more regulars, which is a good sign. It was a Woody Allen film this time, The Purple Rose of Cairo, starring Mia Farrow and was quite light-hearted. Most people seemed pleased with the choice. As they say, it’s difficult to please most of the people all of the time. Let’s hope some of the choices that went on the list that was sent around at the Harvest Supper give the organisers some idea of what people want.

WORKSHOP: There is a Christmas Wreath Workshop at Iford Village Hall on Sunday December 2, from 10.30am to 1pm. Tickets are £35, which includes the wreath, a candle, decorative items, wreath making demonstration, tea, coffee, cake and chat. All proceeds go to St Nicholas Church, Iford. For further information, call 07976 254316. Our WI did it last year and it was so successful. This year, we are doing candles (roll-made ones I’m told) as candle table centres, which should be fun.

JUNK MAIL: I’m sure readers, like me, are fed up with the amount of junk mail leading up to Christmas. I had a large pile, which took me the best part of two hours to go through, take cards and calendars and other bits and pieces out, take off address labels and recycle. If I supported all the charities doing raffles etc, I think I would end up a charity myself. I’ve cut down on the amount of charities I’ve supported for years and now do the Postcode Lottery, which supports many charities. I’ve only done it for a few months and have already won several £10 prizes. This system seems much more sensible to me, as it would be more environmental, not so much recycling and not so much time being wasted, plus you get a chance of winning a prize. If all the hospices in the country got together and did such a system it may work better for them, as they don’t get government funding so I’m told and they are wonderful places that do the best they can to help people.

INDEPENDENT TRADERS: Reading the Liberal Democrats Ringmer Focus, I’m so pleased to see that they are supporting Ringmer’s independent traders. One of the problems seems to be McColl’s introducing a coffee machine, which to be honest I haven’t noticed and I use them a lot as Mike is in a nursing home in Ringmer and it’s very handy to do my shopping there. This little area of Ringmer has a lot going for it, as it’s free parking and has a variety of shops including a Post Office situated in McColl’s. The bakery and butcher’s are excellent and the Ringmer Café seems very popular, plus there are many other handy shops, plus a vet’s and a funeral director. We all need to do more to support these communities of small shops and service. I’m doing my bit, are you doing yours?

CHURCH SERVICE: The next Rodmell Church Service will be Parish Communion at 11am on Sunday.

SO SAD: To hear about the rare whale found washed up on Saltdean beach recently. What are we doing to our oceans? It was however, lovely to hear that a large pod of dolphins had been seen around this area and Brighton recently.