Rodmell and Southease

BONFIRE EVENTS: Our local pub, the Abergavenny Arms, did us proud on Bonfire Night by putting on a bonfire event which included indoor fireworks (no bangs) sparklers, marshmallows toasted on the fire and an assortment of old fashioned sweets for free. There was a menu of burgers and later in the evening those more adventurous people went up Mill Lane and were given mulled wine and nibbles, also supplied by the pub, whilst they watched the fireworks over Lewes from the top of the hill. Many thanks to Jon and Lucie and their lovely staff. I have to say, it was one of the quietest Bonfire Nights for years, as usually we hear the big bangs here and they shake our old houses even this far away. This year I think the wind took the noise in another direction, as even when I went into he garden I couldn’t hear much.

SLUGS: Having been to our parish council meeting in the village hall on Tuesday evening, where I was the one and only member of the public, I decided when I arrived home about 10pm to relax and watch TV for a time. There was an interesting programme on Russia and its medical services, where it appears they breed leeches and use them to treat many ailments. People can go and purchase their own medically-bred leeches and then treat themselves at home. Later that evening, going into my toilet and lifting the seat, I was terrified to find an extremely large black slug climbing up the bowl. It must have climbed up the U-bend. When I flushed the loo, it still stuck to the side so had to be pushed down by the toilet brush and flushed away followed by a good splodge of bleach. My dreams that night were of leeches and giant slugs.

COWS: The next day another episode whereupon I drove along to turn around at the dirt track along the road, as from my driveway it’s too dangerous to turn right to go into Lewes as the traffic speeds around the pub corner (not doing 30mph). Just as I was turning I found myself surrounded by a very inquisitive herd of black and white cows, one who decided to scratch its rear end on my car mirror and another who decided to lick my window and moo very loudly. It’s quite an experience being in a small car surrounded by inquisitive cows. By this time, people had arrived to try to stop them getting onto the C7 where, at the speed people go at, carnage could have been created, and a villager connected to farming called for help on his mobile. In the meantime, the cows becoming bored, meandered down to eat on pastures new and I drove off to Lewes. Please drivers do watch your speed on this road, as it is a farming area and animals will quite often break hedges and fences and escape, ending up on roads. They will do a lot of damage to your precious cars as well as injury to themselves.

CHURCH SERVICES: Marcus Brown kindly dropped in a list of church service times to me this week. November 18, the second Sunday before Advent, 11am Matins in Rodmell Church.

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY: As we thought of those killed in wars last Sunday, I wonder will we ever learn? We have been given a wonderful world and all we ever seem intent on doing is destroying it and its people. None so strange as folk goes the saying. I have visited many war graves here and abroad and the lines of immaculate white crosses never cease to astound and upset me. ‘When will they ever learn’ ask the words of a famous peace song – when will we all, I wonder?

THE DEPOT: The singer/songwriter Tazina Frank and her accompanist entertained us at the Depot last Sunday lunchtime and quite a few of my friends purchased her CD and really enjoyed her performance.

WI: On November 20, Rodmell WI will meet at 7.30pm followed by Line Dancing demonstrated by Chester Funnel in the village hall. Come along and shake a leg.

OUR CHURCH: Do come and visit our well-kept church, tucked away at the end of the twitten next to our school, which is no longer used and has the village wondering what will happen to it. If, or when, it goes up for sale the purchaser will have hearses and wedding cars on the doorstep as the church gets well used for weddings and funerals and is a thoroughfare for playground users and Monks House visitors.