Rodmell and Southease

TALK: On Saturday November 10, Ian Everest gave us an excellent evening’s entertainment with his talk and film show on An Evening of Farming and Local Nostalgia. As usual it was well attended, but there were a few spaces, possibly due to the awful weather and the Remembrance Service on TV from the Royal Albert Hall, which I love to watch but managed to catch the last bit. I am always surprised that more village people don’t go to these talks because they are so good and so informative. It’s always a good opportunity for local farmers to get together and catch up. Ian always mentions my mother, who was so proud to have done her bit in the Women’s Land Army and, as she died on 31 October 2016, the fact that he mentioned her and she was on film meant so much to me, so thanks to Ian. Every time I go to Ian’s talks I learn a bit more about our area. For those that don’t go, you don’t know what you are missing. I took a friend from Lewes and he really enjoyed the evening.

THE NURSING HOME: Parris Lawn at Ringmer had a lovely display in remembrance of all those who have lost their lives in wars. My own father, who narrowly missed being sent to Burma due to ill health, lost many friends in the Second World War and hated this time of year, as he didn’t want to remember or talk about it. I know many still feel this way and it’s their way of coping with it. He ended up as an instructor in the Tank Corps. War leaves many scars, both mentally and physically, doesn’t it? I was thanked at our Village Service for wearing my red poppy and a white peace poppy. I couldn’t find a purple one, which were for all the animals that died in the wars helping, as they had no choice did they?

CHRISTMAS CARDS: I’m busy writing Christmas cards at the moment. I have many friends and relations abroad and I’m always shocked at my postage bill. At the moment I’m hoping one of my cousins is OK, as he’s in Malibu where all the fires are.

WILDLIFE PROGRAMME: I’ve been avidly watching Sir David Attenborough’s latest wild life programme Dynasties (Sunday 9pm). It really is enthralling and worth watching and I so admire the dedication of all those who worked on it, especially the camera crew. Another programme that is extremely interesting is about Shetland and its hospital, where people seem to get excellent treatment and it appears to be very well run.

DANGEROUS ROADS: Watching the news about dangerous roads, it appears to be the dangerous drivers which are the problem. Did you see all those drivers shown speeding straight over a junction which was well marked and where they should have stopped? Frightening.

EYE TESTS: At last the subject of drivers having to have an eye test regularly has come up. I have had eye problems for years and I have to have regular eye tests at hospitals and opticians plus a three-year test for the DVLA. I don’t mind at all as I would be mortified if I ever hurt anyone. I also have a clean driving licence (50 years) and 20 years’ no claims bonus, which I hope to keep. My own thoughts are that all drivers should have an eye test every two years, as our eyes, especially as we get older, change rapidly.