Rodmell and Southease

VISITORS: There has been a lull in B&Bs for a while, but people are now booking for 2019. I have bookings for August 2019, so some people are looking far ahead. As I’ve said before, I have interesting conversations at breakfast with my clients and get asked many questions about the area. One of the subjects recently was about the beggars in Lewes and people ask isn’t there a refuge they can go to rather than leave all their belongings strewn around the streets and have the pigeons pecking over left crumbs. I have to say I don’t know. What a lot of people have remarked on is that they all seem to have up-to-date mobile phones which, let’s face it, are not cheap to buy or pay fees on. As there have been programmes on TV and write-ups in the media recently about people who aren’t actually homeless, but use begging as a way of life, people are getting suspicious. Unfortunately this will affect people in genuine trouble and let’s face it, I wouldn’t like to sit on a wet draughty corner waiting for some benevolent person to drop a few coins in a cap, would you?

TOWN PROBLEMS: Hearing about the problems Burgess Hill has been having recently with groups of young people terrorizing shoppers and shopkeepers in the town centre makes me wonder why, when the police know about it, they don’t identify them and get their parents to come and sort them out. This would most definitely have happened in the past. Parents were expected to be responsible for their children and know where they were and who with and regarding the poor teachers at schools, who are having such problems dealing with children who do not seem to know the common rudiments of becoming a responsible decent person, I fear for the future. Some teachers even have to deal with toilet training with tots. I have had many friends in the teaching profession who in the end just gave up and either retired early or went into other jobs.

GOOD LAUGH: If you want a good laugh at the expense of those who are addicted to technology, look up ‘I’m out of my head’ on your phone or iPad. A friend and I were in stitches of laughter when she showed me the cartoons on hers. One was of a couple in a restaurant and the waiter was asking ‘Wasn’t your food satisfactory, Sir? You haven’t photographed it on your phone.’ Another cartoon in a newspaper recently made my blood run cold, it showed three little children in hoodies brandishing knives and the caption was: ‘And they shall not grow old’. Food for thought don’t you think?

ENTERTAINMENT: No doubt lots of work is going on behind the scenes in the village at the moment, as people get ready for Rodmell’s Panto. There always seems to be something going on in villages along the valley as people make their own entertainment, which is just as well because if you don’t drive or hate night driving as many do, you are isolated in these villages. We have no buses at night or on Sundays and many older people are isolated. I used to love going to the theatre and various functions around the country but now have to rely on friends or relatives or my lovely god-daughters taking me. My god-daughter Sharon recently took me to see her daughter Raphy in The Addams Family production at Roedean Moira House School. I really enjoyed it and found the whole atmosphere of the school and its pupils very warm and inviting.

CAROL SINGING: Don’t’ forget Rodmell’s Carol Singing on Tuesday December 11 and Monday December 17.

PROPERTY TO RENT: I’ve just heard from yet another person who lets out property to rent. Her latest tenants have also just wrecked the properties. Is it too much to ask people to live decently, keep property you rent clean and pay for them?