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REGULAR VISITOR: I have a client who regularly comes to stay so that she can go to Seaford Little Theatre. I went with her on Monday February 11 to see Who’s Who. It’s a very clever a very clever Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall farce. Now I am not a lover of farces, as my concentration levels are not that good, but I did so admire Alan Lade, Jon Terry, Andrea Lowe and Tanya Baxter for remembering all their lines and acting admirably. It must have been so hard to remember. My client has already booked for coming to see future shows. She lives in London where she often goes to what is on there in the city, so for her to make efforts to come to little Seaford to Seaford’s Little Theatre is surely a feather in the cap for those that put on these productions. Their next production is The Thrill of Love, May 10 to 18. Box Office: Redgold Opticians, 32 Broad Street, Seaford BN25 1ND.

DEMONSTRATION: I don’t know if children in our local schools did a demo against Global Warming. If they did, I would say, good for you as you are the ones that are going to inherit the awful problems that we the older generation have left you. Like the young people in America who came out in force against the gun law, it will be your world to live in and improve so all I can say, for what it’s worth, is good on you. I wish you the best of luck, because you’ll need it.

SNOWDROPS: The snowdrops in Southease Churchyard are lovely at the moment and it’s a photographer’s paradise. The snowdrops seem to be extremely lovely in most of the villages this year and I’m pleased to see various clumps doing well on my front lawn. In the past two weeks, I’ve had several butterflies and bees around in the garden and greenhouse. So lovely to see them and know spring has almost sprung.

HORSES: It seems more and more horse riders are riding the South Downs Way these days and, from the bookings coming in, it’s going to be a good year hopefully for local B&Bs and pubs. Our pub gets very busy these days as it has an extremely good reputation for food, charm and welcomes dogs and children. My clients love it.

THE SEAL: Hasn’t been seen at Southease recently. I do hope it hasn’t come to harm.

YOUTH HOSTEL: For those who haven’t visited our local Youth Hostel at Itford, which has a lovely restaurant area where you can sit and eat outside on a sunny day, may I suggest a day out walking around Southease and along the river to Rodmell or Piddinghoe, having relaxed at the restaurant. A cheap, healthy day out, perhaps ending up at our pub. Many people are finding it much cheaper to stay at B&Bs a little out of town in various villages. I get people coming regularly on a Friday night and returning to London on Sunday refreshed and ready for work on Monday. As London is only around 55 minutes on the train and two to three hours driving depending on traffic, this part of the country is becoming more favoured. A lot cheaper than a hotel.

PARKING: Driving through Lewes in the daytime this week, I was amazed at how many empty parking spaces there were. Several people have said to me they hope the new meters aren’t putting people off and that shops won’t suffer. Have any readers noticed the amount of parking spaces? We have to get used to new things but the older generation don’t like change and getting to a meter and finding you can’t remember your car registration, or have left your reading glasses at home or in the car is yet another situation in this complex world to cope with. Maybe bus passes will be used a bit more until they also get taken away from OAPs.