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Rodmell & Southease news

MAGNOLIAS: Our village has been a riot of colour over the last few weeks and the magnificent magnolias have really esteemed themselves this year and have been exceptional. Magnolias seem to do very well in this village. For my 60th birthday I was given a magnolia tree by Marie-Monique and Roger Huss who at the time were my neighbours in Barn House. Twenty-six years later I have a lovely tree which has a profusion of blossom in the spring, when its wonderful waxy white flowers brighten up my old orchard.

THE GARDEN: People who stay here wonder how I can keep everything going as I have a rather large garden, an old orchard and a field. Well, without the help of a gardener, who has also been a great friend to Mike and me over the years, it wouldn’t have happened. Not only is he very loyal, a hard worker and someone who never lets me down, he is a person of principles and honesty, not something you can always find these days. I’ve spoken to so many people who tell me ‘Oh, my gardener’s let me down again’. That doesn’t happen here and I realise how lucky I am. I used to do everything myself, but can do it no longer.

FUNERALS: People have been asking me when the funerals of Bernadette Fraser and Jill Morris are taking place. To date I have no information, but will endeavour to pass it on when I know.

EVENT: Friday May 17, there will be a no-ticket event at the Abergavenny Pub with a live band in aid of St Wilfrid’s Hospice and Claire Baker’s Sahara Trek, also in aid of St Wilfrid’s, so come and enjoy yourselves and help boost up the cash for these amazing people who do so much for these wonderful hospices, which are not government funded but do a great job.

COFFEE MORNING: The next Village Coffee Morning will be at the Abergavenny Pub on Wednesday April 24 from 11am.

PARISH ASSEMBLY: The Annual Parish Assembly takes place on Friday May 3 at 8pm in the village hall.

FILM CLUB: On April 20, Rodmell Village Film Club is showing The English Patient. I saw this film many years ago, so can go and refresh my memory of it. Please give the Film Club support if you can, as we need to keep it going.

RODMELL WI: On Tuesday the meeting has Get Knotted as its craft subject this time. You can make a Shamballa keyring using knots and beads. Sadly I missed the last WI meeting about Clothkits as I fell asleep.