Susan’s South Coast Sagas

What a difference in the weather from last week.

The sunshine is back and just before the Olympics begin on Friday. Let’s hope it lasts, although the weather forecast for Friday isn’t promising at the moment.

I can’t wait to see Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony, with its 10,000 cast and crew plus 23,000 costumes, representing the best of Great Britain and its heritage.

It will be introduced by the chiming of a huge bell, with a centre piece of a huge pastoral scene that sounds like a giant Constable painting with a children’s petting zoo and with music choices, eclectic to say the least.

He’s even supplying artificial rainclouds just in case we don’t have any real ones.

I’m sure it will be wonderful, eccentric and very entertaining.

I haven’t even talked about the games yet but we are going in on a huge high with Bradley Wiggins success in the Tour De France.

Will he be the person chosen to light the Olympic flame? I wonder.