Susan’s South Coast Sagas - Regenerating East Quay

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WHAT a disappointing and surprising decision by Lewes Planning Committee to choose Asda’s project over Arrowcroft, regarding the redevelopment of Eastside, Newhaven.

I feel we must urge the council to find a way to regenerate the East Quay.

I feel this is the key to rejuvenating Newhaven, by changing the grim and ugly entrance to the port into something attractive, vibrant and commercial.

The Marine workshops etc may be Grade 2 listed buildings, but English Heritage who pontificate about such things, don’t have to look at them on a regular basis.

I can only imagine what passengers on the ferry must think as they sail past the ever-growing scrap metal mountain, towards slum alley, albeit a Grade 2 slum, with the additional eyesore ahead of a daunting incinerator, looming large over the town, whilst belching fumes into the atmosphere.

If we build a vibrant shopping and dining environment on the East Quay, we would have chance to reinvigorate the existing town centre with new foot fall, as it is only a short distance away.

Asda and the new housing estate will be so far out of the town that they will not attract any visitors to the town centre.

They will just become a little modern day village ‘Newhaven by the Marshes’ or suchlike.

At the moment the one way system literally drives people away from the town centre.

People driving through cannot even see it, but they do see the river and the sea as they drive over the bridge.

At the moment it is not a pleasant vista but with investment and vision it could become an attractive asset. We have to be realistic and move the focus of Newhaven from the old town centre to a rejuvenated waterside, where it would be visible and a desirable place to visit. We are not making the most of our major assets, being beside the sea and surrounded by beautiful rolling countryside.