Susan’s South Coast Sagas - the Diamond Jubilee

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How ironic, they move the bank holiday a week to accommodate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and it’s a washout, whilst the previous weekend was a scorcher.

I didn’t brave the London crowds, crushing overcrowding on public transport and driving rain, but watched it on TV in the warm and dry with tea and biscuits on tap.

With the capricious nature of our weather, an open air river pageant was a bold choice.

How the aging members of the royal family stood for four hours on the banks of the Thames in the driving rain, suffering winter like temperatures, with just a superior gazebo for shelter and only Prince Philip, 90, falling ill is both a mystery and a blessing.

The Queen is 86, Charles and Camilla are in their 60s; I’m sure they would have preferred a nice warm banquet (or maybe blanket)!

However the sight of 1,000 boats sailing down the Thames and that brave soaking wet choir was a stirring sight.

The highlight of the weekend celebrations for me was the concert organised by “Sir” Gary Barlow a man whose star continues to rise, as did the sun on that day.

What an eclectic choice of performers; pop, opera and the indescribable.

Who can forget the sight of Grace Jones, an unbelievable 64 years old, those legs and the hoola hoop. Fantastic, surely she is not of this planet.

There was no mention of Princess Diana, the dearly departed mother of our future king.

What would she have made of Camilla sitting next to the Queen in the royal carriage and sharing the royal barge and balcony appearances with her sons?

However I’m sure she would have been delighted by the concert and maybe the sun shone as she dried her tears in heaven to conjure up a melodramatic image.

Events were brought to a close by the lighting of 4,000 beacons around the world; the Queen lit the first one with a giant diamond which looked more like a launching device for an interstellar space ship.

The celebrations are over and the street cleaners have done their wonderful job, removing all the debris from four days of partying under mostly rain and some sun.

We now look forward to the next ten years and whatever they may bring.