CHURCH SERVICE: St Laurence Church, Telscombe Village will be holding a Carols by Candlelight service at 3pm on Sunday December 16. This will include an impromptu Nativity Play for all the children to take part in. The service will be followed by the Village Christmas Party, which will be held in Telscombe Village Club. In addition to the normal service of Holy Communion at 11am on Sunday December 23, there will a service of Holy Communion at 11am on Christmas Day. We look forward to welcoming you this Christmas.

WARNING: From East Sussex County Council. If you are 65 year plus, have reduced mobility or health conditions affected by cold weather, then you should heat your home to at least 18C. Find out more about ColdAlerts and sign up at

YOGA: With Natalie Heath every Tuesday from 6pm to 7pm in the Civic Centre. This class is back after the summer break on Tuesday September 4. Contact Natalie Heath email: phone: 07738538094.

LIVING LIGHT PILATES: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning in the Civic Centre. £6.50 per class or class pass for £44 (eight classes plus one free session). Contact Nicola Murray-Smith email: phone: 07776 457752.

FITNESS PILATES: Every Monday morning and Thursday evening in the Civic Centre. Get fit, tone up, prevent back pain, improve flexibility and posture. Equipment provided, just bring some water. Only £6 per class or £40 for eight weeks. Contact Jennie Palmer email: phone: 07825 702775.

FLOWER CLUB: Peacehaven and Telscombe Flower Club meet on the third Wednesday of each month, 2pm for 2.30pm start, at the Civic Centre. Contact Christine Webb, or Tel: 01273 586191.

YOGA: Every Monday from 7.15pm to 8.15pm in the Civic Centre. Contact Jane email: phone: 07703 167895.

DANCE CLASS: Little Stars Pre-School Dance Class for pre-school children aged 2 to 4 years, every Tuesday 9am to 9.30am at the Civic Centre. £3.50 per session. Contact Anneli Smith 07930 490058.

YOUTH THEATRE: Peacehaven and Newhaven Youth Theatre meet every Monday, 4pm to 5pm for ages 5 to 7 year, 5pm to 6pm for ages 8 years and over, at the Civic Centre. Your local, friendly drama club with a professional touch. Contact Zoe Giles email: phone: 07729 583 264.

BINGO: Christmas Bingo Evening today, Friday, 6.45pm for 7pm start at the Civic Centre. Christmas Boozy Bingo Party Night. Stand up bingo, buffet plus music singalong and raffle. Eight games played for £4, plus an additional Snowball (50p per single ticket) and Flyer game (£1 a sheet). Free cup of tea/coffee or glass of wine at half-time break. Proceeds to Mayor of Telscombe’s charity fund.

COUNCIL MEETING: (Precept meeting if required), Wednesday 7.30pm. If there is insufficient business, meetings may be cancelled. Please therefore telephone the Civic Centre on 01273 589777 to ensure that a meeting is being held (an Agenda will be placed on the website). Meetings are open to members of the public who are able to ask questions for a 15 minute period at the start of each meeting. Meetings are held in Telscombe Civic Centre, unless otherwise stated.

FOOTNOTES: I am always amazed at how an overheard scrap of conversation will remind me of adventures of long ago. Standing in my local shop waiting to be served, I heard a lady behind me say to her friend. ‘They’ve got all wooden floors, well I was not going on my knees scrubbing them, I can tell you’. Suddenly I was a sixteen year old again, kneeling and swabbing the kitchen floor of two of the world’s most renowned musical comedy stars, with equally renowned tempers and listening as they cursed and swore at each other over breakfast. I had just left my theatre school and had some eighteen months to spare before going on to LAMDA for two years further study. It was my second job, the first at an insurance brokers in the City had ended disastrously for me, when I had tried to ‘speed up’ their punched card system and in doing so had destroyed that months figures. There was a tremendous outcry and I found myself on the street with a weeks pay and instructions not to come back. The secretary of the company’s parting shot was ‘never again will I employ actors’. Later, in my agents office, fresh faced, curly haired and indignant being consoled and fussed over by his secretary, Solly, my then agent came up with another job, which is how I found myself on my knees washing the floor, whilst domestic warfare raged over me. They were in fact a lovely and kind couple when they were not rowing with each other, and indirectly through them, I gained my first West End role a year later. In the meantime, I had a happy year cleaning house for them, picking up the broken crockery, from where it had been thrown, listening to them rehearsing and to their hilarious tales of life on tour in the Thirties and Forties. They were generous with tips for my burgeoning career and I blessed the time I spent with them. It was also the last job I had that was outside the theatre. My mother was not pleased. When I had announced that I had a job with an Insurance Brokers, she was delighted, pleased, as she said, ‘you’ve got a proper job now’ and told anyone that would listen, that it would only be a matter of time before I was the Managing Director. Alas, her face fell when I had to explain that I had gone from Managing Director prospect to domestic servant within a week. But only sixteen, I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I was to spend six months at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket in my first lead role and then had two of the happiest years of my life as a student, honing my craft, falling in love every day, drinking as much as I could afford and sharing a flat with like minded people, cooking beans on toast over a solitary gas flame and forever wondering where we were going to find the money for the rent that week. They were indeed the days of wine and roses and I am so grateful I experienced them, including having to scrub those floors. Go safely and enjoy your week.