COUNCILLORS SURGERY: On the first Saturday of each month from 10am to 11am in the Civic Centre. No appointment necessary. Come along and see your local councillors.

COFFEE MORNING: Bereavement Support Group Coffee Morning on the second Wednesday of each month from 10am to noon in the Civic Centre. Bereavement can be a lonely journey so come and meet other people who are in the same situation as you in a friendly and informal setting. Contact Janet Quintavalle email: phone: 01273 585818.

YOUTH THEATRE: Peacehaven and Newhaven Youth Theatre meet every Monday, 4pm to 5pm for ages 5 to 7 year, 5pm to 6pm for ages 8 years and over, at the Civic Centre. Your local, friendly drama club with a professional touch. Contact Zoe Giles email: phone: 07729 583 264.

FOOTNOTES: Some New Years ago, I made a resolution that I have adhered to religiously ever since. That was to never make a New Years resolution again. Years of watching friends and experiencing myself failed attempts at giving up smoking, eating meat, losing weight, taking more exercise, etc., and a few days or weeks later failing miserably, have taught me the futility of the whole thing. It is hard enough to forego lifelong habits without pinning the cessation to a particular date. I eventually gave up my fifty a day cigarette habit ironically a few days before Christmas, some thirty eight years ago, only to be deluged that year with presents of packets of cigarettes. My two bottles of vodka plus a day intake ceased some forty two years ago when death stared me in the face, and I was rescued from it by friends, and I have never touched alcohol since. I did once seriously consider becoming a vegetarian, but the beautiful aroma of bacon my partner was grilling one morning proved too much of a temptation. I have tried over the years to diet, but mercifully during my young acting career, I never had to bother, having been a svelte nine stone until I was about forty eight. I then went through a period of gaining weight and then losing weight, all to no avail, until I reached the happy medium I am now. As for exercise, having been the owner of a succession of Golden Retrievers over the years, a large dog requiring a lot of exercise every day. the problem never arose. My current pet, although I doubt he sees it like that, is a large black and white cat, even more of a cynic than I am, called Chaplin, who is dismissive of any suggestion of exercise, as, at my age, am I. Have a very happy and prosperous New Year and go safely, where ever your journeys take you. Uckfield