Waldron news
Waldron news

WEIRD WEATHER: Last week I recalled Waldron in the Great Storm of ‘87 with its terrifying destructive force. Thirty years on, this week has been calm but unseasonably warm with temperatures up to 23 degrees. On Monday morning I walked in bright sunshine, without a breath of wind, yet in Wales and across the Irish Sea the tail end of ex-Hurricane Ophelia was tearing roofs off buildings and lashing the sea into huge waves. That same afternoon, a strange yellow glow hung over the village like a prediction of doom, threatening who knew what. The pragmatic explanation was that Ophelia had swept up particles of sand from the desert and debris from the wildfires in Spain and Portugal which effectively blotted out the blues of the light spectrum. Evening came early and the birds didn’t sing. Locking up the church at sunset, Christo Corfield said that the sun had reappeared with a blue glow round it but down the path, all blues had vanished. There were reports and images across the south of blood-red sunsets. By the next morning, all seemed back to normal, though not for those in Ireland and Wales, faced with the clear-up in the wake of Ophelia.

MISS HANCHETT: News this week of the passing of Miss Pamela Hanchett who lived alone in Heathfield and was a past member of the congregation of St Bartholomew’s for years, coming regularly with her mother, and subsequently coming to All Saints’. There she ran the Sunday School in the days when the children gathered for an hour before Morning Worship and Miss Hanchett ‘was the Sunday School, organising and teaching’ as one ex-pupil described her. She was also school secretary at the school in Broad Oak which housed boys with difficult educational needs, including the boxer Frank Bruno. Miss Hanchett has been described as a very private person but she was kind in quiet and unexpected ways. She kept in touch with Ruth Hughes, one of her Sunday School pupils, to whom Pamela sent a present when Ruth got married and when she had her first baby. Although I barely knew her (through her membership of the Friends of Waldron Churches) she wrote to me a very sympathetic letter when I had a car accident which was reported in the local paper. She never married and died at home alone, although she had regular visits from some at church who knew her. Her funeral will be at St Bartholomew’s on Tuesday October 31 at 10.30am and she will be buried with her parents at All Saints’ Churchyard.

PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITION: Richard Fanshawe is organising the Photographic Exhibition and hoping for as good a turnout as last year. Entries are limited to four pictures per person, preferably A4 size and may be entered by anyone resident in Waldron or connected with the village. There are four categories landscape and architecture; portraits and people; still life and abstract; nature and animals. Please bring your entries to Rafters, Whitehouse Lane from November 1 onwards. The exhibition will be mounted and open for viewing at All Saints’ Church from Thursday November 23 and there will be a reception with a bar (donations welcome) from 2pm to 6pm on Saturday November 25. There is no fee either to exhibit your work or to view the exhibition.

SERVICES: This Sunday both morning services will be held at St Bartholomew’s. The Reverend Canon Lucy Murdoch will preside and preach at 8am Holy Communion, and at Parish Eucharist at 10am, the Reverend George Pitcher will preside and preach.