SUNDAY SPECIAL: On my way home from Palm Sunday Eucharist I came across a sight that seems rare these days. It was a small flock of sheep (perhaps a dozen or so) trotting along the lane purposefully with shepherd and dog leading the way to their next field to crop. It was a sight which was reassuring in its simplicity and it warmed me for the rest of the day. Our newspapers may be filled with dire predictions and worrying news, but for a few moments all seemed right with the world. And now we’ve got primroses and wood anemones out, it must be spring.

FRIENDS’ AGM: On Thursday the Friends of Waldron Churches will be holding their Annual Meeting from 6.30pm and this year it’s St Bartholomew’s turn to host. All Friends and those interested in how we are looking after our two church buildings are welcome to come along. There will be refreshments to follow the meeting.

MEMORABLE IMAGES: The day after the AGM, (Friday April 6) Richard Fanshaw will be giving an illustrated presentation of some simple techniques for achieving memorable images with any camera. Richard assures us that with even the simplest kit you can easily progress well beyond the ‘point and shoot’ snapshot. The event will be held in the Lucas Hall at 6pm, everyone is welcome to come, there is no entry fee but a donations bar will be open at the end. Use the tips you pick up from Richard to improve your entries in the Waldron Photographic Exhibition 2018 which will take place on Saturday November 3 at All Saints’ Church.

INN CROWD: You may remember that last year we had visits from a couple of performers who were sponsored by Applause Rural Touring as part of an Arts Council-funded project to encourage arts and drama in village pubs. It was sufficiently successful in its first year to be continued, and so The Star will host a visit on Wednesday April 18 from solo performer Jonny Fluffypunk with his one-hour one-man show, How I Came to be Where I Never Was, which is a mix of theatre, storytelling, comedy, stand-up poetry and even a bit of ukulele. Tickets are £15 including supper and the performance starts at 7.30pm. Tickets are on sale in the pub, the community coffee-shop or by ringing 01435 812495. It’s a great evening of entertainment and it’s right on your doorstep.

EASTER WEEK: Today is Good Friday and there will be devotions at St Bartholomew’s between noon and 1pm, followed by Frugality and Fasting at Culverwood (George and Mobbs’ home) then at All Saints’ between 2pm and 3pm. There will also be a Walk of Witness organised by Churches Together in Heathfield which will start and finish at the Union Church in Heathfield beginning at 11pm. Easter Sunday will be celebrated first with Communion at St Bartholomew’s at 8am followed by Breakfast with the Risen Christ, led by George Pitcher who will also preach. The Easter Celebration with Eucharist will be at 10am at All Saints’ when the President and Preacher will also be George.