ROAD REPAIRS: They’re here, the Highways men, I mean. They had us out of bed this morning (Tuesday) at 7.30am when the drilling began outside the Old House. Hope J wasn’t having a lie-in. The work has begun just in time for the long, hot spell to break again (rain threatened for Thursday) but no doubt tar still sets even in the wet, and we’ll all be delighted to have the surface of The Street pot-hole-free.

FRENCH VISIT: Our group of French croquet players duly visited the village last weekend to play the annual competition between Waldron and Catenay in Normandy. Waldron Village Croquet Club hosted the visitors with lunch on Saturday, croquet for most of the afternoon, dinner on Saturday evening, (thanks to Sarah who put on a great spread) and a barbecue on Sunday lunchtime (Richard in charge, getting pinker and pinker in the 33 degrees heat) followed by more croquet before the visitors were waved off from the Cattam for their return journey across the Channel late on Sunday afternoon. There were mixed emotions during the whole weekend as we all missed Gill Temple who died earlier this year and who had been instrumental, with Jolyon Creasey and Irene Flynn, in setting up the annual event. Gill was also our translator and played for several years so we were all aware of a gap in our team. Irene took on the mantle of lead organiser and everything moved on oiled wheels for the whole weekend, ably supported by Helena, Faith, Sue, and Evelyn who stood in as translator. I must report that the French team took the cup back home with them, but dedicated it to Gill, of whom they were very fond. More cheerfully I can also report that we triumphed at petanque. Plans are now afoot for a Waldron Petanque Olympic team to start practising for the year 2022 when, if rumours are correct, the French nation may be able to persuade the Olympic organisers to make petanque an Olympic sport, or perhaps not.

ORGAN PARTY: Tonight’s the night (Friday) when we hold our Summer Party for the Waldron Organ Fund from 6.30pm to 8.30pm at Culverwood, Little London Road, home of Reverend George Pitcher and Mobbs. There will be music, a raffle and a Silent Auction with some amazing prizes, all accompanied by Pimms, bubbly, canapés and elderflower for the drivers. We’re holding our breath and hoping that we’ll be able to be outside, but if the weather isn’t kind, the party will still go ahead and we’ll be indoors. Looking forward to seeing you there.

SERVICES: This weekend, services will be at St Bartholomew’s, at 8am, Holy Communion and at 10am for Parish Eucharist. The President and Preacher will be George Pitcher.