BANK HOLIDAY: This weekend is the last Bank Holiday before Christmas (sorry for mentioning it everyone) so make the most of it. Just to help the general jollity, Paul will be welcoming String Theory to play at the pub on Sunday from 12.30pm with their string-driven jazz, which includes Latin, film themes, gypsy jazz and swing. Then on Monday Le Marché will add a je ne sait quoi to the air of Heathfield with Station Road and the car park being turned over to a mixture of French and English stalls and fun being had by all. See you there.

THE STREET: I have a great admiration for the sheer energy of the contributor to Village News who produces the column in this paper covering Cross in Hand, Heathfield, Horam, Blackboys and Five Ashes, as well as nods to Burwash and (this week) Waldron. I’ve always wondered how he does it and I think I now know. He doesn’t visit the villages often enough to keep up to date but relies on his memory. He asked last week why Waldron was (as he put it) ‘getting the lion’s share of ESCC highways resurfacing budget when the roads already have a billiard table smooth surface? Is it too much to ask when Heathfield High Street and the road area adjacent to Tilsmore Road will be resurfaced?’ All we Waldronites can say is that The Street has been in a very sorry state of disrepair for several winters with cyclists, horse riders, and motorbikers (not to mention walkers and motorists) taking their life in their hands as they lurch from pot hole to pothole through the village. We are hugely grateful to ESCC for at last repairing our road and making a good job of it but we have no idea what their method is of deciding priorities. As for Heathfield’s roads, I wouldn’t dream of commenting.

SERVICES: This weekend, services will be at St Bartholomew’s. Early morning Holy Communion will be at 8am with George Pitcher presiding and preaching. Parish Eucharist will be at 10am with Lucy Murdoch presiding (welcome back, Lucy) and Tim Hough preaching.