BANK HOLIDAY: Mixed fortunes over the Bank Holiday weekend, weather-wise, but I was delighted to see Le Marché thriving in Heathfield on Monday after more than 20 years in the annual diary for the town. Packed with cheerful shoppers and families and plenty of stalls to trawl and find things to buy (especially food, oooh those gorgeous nectarines, juicy and sweet) it was as ever a delight. And the High Street does well out of the event too, as most of the visitors walk up the Street to reach the market and stop off to shop. James at the Cuculo Deli said they’d been packed all day from early till the market closed. Good news.

LOST COW: André Soucek was searching the village earlier this week for a lost cow. It went missing some time on Bank Holiday Monday afternoon and seems to have vanished. If it’s still not appeared by the time you are reading this Village News, please listen out for mournful mooing and watch for cow-pats in unusual places. Ring André on 01435 863044 if you know where it might be.

AUTUMN ARRIVES: It won’t have missed your attention that the average temperature has dropped dramatically over the past couple of weeks and rain has returned to our weather forecasting. Suddenly it feels like autumn. I’ve put a duvet back on my bed and re-lit my Aga which had been silent and cold for nearly three months, unheard of. So as the children return to school it’s time to consider what’s on in September, which begins tomorrow. A major church event will take place on the weekend of September 29 and 30 at St Bartholomew’s. It’s a Festival of Fruitfulness with a Flower Display and Open church, a Saturday evening concert, Sunday service of Celebration and the start of the Rector’s Pilgrimage (of which more next week). Make sure you put the date in your diaries. At the pub there will be the usual Steam Engine Rally on the same weekend with the big beasts of Steam chugging into the village square on Sunday September 30 in the late morning and lining up in all their fabulous, polished glory. Be aware that steam engines move slowly but relentlessly, so if you’re in a hurry, it would be wise to steer clear of the centre of Waldron around lunchtime, unless of course you want to admire the engines. If you do, arrive early and park behind the pub or in the Lucas Memorial Hall car park or better still, leave your car at home and walk to the village. I expect there will be a barbecue going full blast outside to feed everyone. The engines usually leave around mid-afternoon and the village returns to its usual Sunday peace and quiet by about 4pm.

SERVICES: This Sunday services will be at All Saints’. Early morning Holy Communion will be at 8am with George Pitcher presiding and preaching. Parish Eucharist will be at 10am with Simon Hobbs presiding and George preaching.