CRAFTSHOP: As a postscript to last week’s report on the success of the Cracking Christmas Craftshop, I hear from treasurer Ian Dixon that the event raised about £500.

WATERWORKS: Are on-going and it looks as if they may be with us until well past New Year. Yesterday I returned home from Christmas shopping to find a huge moling services lorry parked across the access to my pull-in so I couldn’t get in. Wasn’t best pleased. On a brighter note, our requests to Wealden District Council to do something about our unemptied bins was answered promptly with the lorry being parked in the square and binmen running up and down Whitehouse Lane to do the necessary emptying. Thank you to everyone who had rung Wealden, a chorus of voices seems to work better than a lone telephone call.

SUNDAY MUSIC: This Sunday String Theory will be performing at the pub at lunchtime. And a reminder that it would be wise to book a table if you are intending to come for New Year’s Day brunch on January 1. Bookings are beginning to roll in.

SERVICES: This Sunday services will be held at All Saints’ in Waldron. Holy Communion will be at 8am with George Pitcher presiding and preaching. Common Worship is at 10am and Andy Delves will preside and preach.