Water bill is double so-called average

I was interested to hear that Steve George, Customer Services Director at South-East Water, thinks that ‘an average cost for drinking water of just 55p per day remains excellent value for money.’ I would agree with him if that’s how much I paid for living in a two bedroom house (Band C Council Tax) in Newhaven, but it isn’t.

I currently pay South-East Water £1.24 per day, more than double Mr George’s ‘average’ claim! A friend who lives in a one bedroom flat (Band A Council Tax) also in Newhaven, pays 71p per day to South-East Water, so who exactly are these people who are paying the ‘average’ of 55p per day? Perhaps Mr George could advise us.

I also pay Southern Water £1.05 per day for wastewater services and my total combined annual water bill is £836.10, which is now set to rise by more than the rate of inflation while Southern Water’s profits rose by 18% last year. So much for privatisation being good for the consumer!

G R Ashbrook