Working party on road to success

We are now approaching the final consultation phase that will hopefully see the first pedestrian crossings in Lewes paid for by Lewes Town Council, as reported last week.

The Town Council’s Traffic Issues working party has been working with ESCC in getting these crossings installed since 2008, when the sites first appeared on a “top 50” chart of problem areas across East Sussex.

Since the working party’s inception in 2007 it has introduced grants for residents’ associations to purchase winter road salt bins; continued with robust discussion with County to get improvements to the ill conceived parking scheme, which should come into force later this year; and run with the Town Council’s 2004 policy of supporting the Lewes 20mph speed limit.

The first phase of the Town Council funded 20mph limit, in the town centre, will be instigated this March, and ESCC are already working to assess the rest of the town, using money obtained from government funds.

I will continue to work towards getting the other areas of Lewes included and am glad to have support from our Town and County Councillors for the efforts of the Traffic working party.

Cllr Merlin Milner

Chair Traffic Issues Working Party, Lewes Town Council