Vital helping hand for homeless in Lewes

Lewes District Churches Homelink will be holding a special service of thanksgiving and commitment for the charity on Sunday, February 2.

The venue is the Church of St Thomas More, in Sutton Road, Seaford, at 3pm.

Lewes District Churches Homelink exists to help local homeless or almost homeless people of all faiths or none.

It works by offering an interest free loan which could cover the deposit and first month’s rent for private sector housing.

At Sunday’s service the congregation will be finding out more about homelessness nationwide and locally, and giving thanks for the work of Homelinkand other organisations that seek to prevent homelessness or help the homeless.

The service will recognise the work of all theChurch Reps, volunteers and partners, and be an opportunity to thank the charity’s friends, supporters and patrons for their interest and support.

Those attending will be committing themselves with Christian compassion and sense of justice to furthering the work of Homelink. This year will be critically important because more and more people are likely to become homeless due to financial difficulties.

Homelink’s coordinator, James Gardner, will be speaking at the service. He said recently: “Because of the disastrous housing situation, Homelink is often the difference between a person sleeping on the streets or having a roof over their heads.”

There will be refreshments after the service.

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